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Coronavirus vaccine Updates: China’s Sinovac Receives Emergency Use Authorization from The WHO

The UN Agency responsible for International Public Health has authorized China’s Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use.

The World Health Organization, the UN Agency responsible for International Public Health, has authorized China’s Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use while seeking to increase the number of vaccine doses the Health Authority delivers to battle the epidemic in impoverished countries where the inoculation rate is far behind the developed world.

The World Health Organization stated that it prevented symptomatic ailment in around 51 percent of those immunized and prevented severe infections and hospitalizations in 100 percent of samples.

According to the WHO, the Emergency Use Authorization means the Sinovac vaccine meets the international standards for effectiveness, safety, and manufacturing. After the vaccine was manufactured by China’s state-backed Sinopharmwhich received EUA in May, Sinovac is the second China-made Coronavirus jab to receive permission from the International Health Authority.

The emergency authorization use opens the path for the vaccine to be used in the COVAX initiative, aimed to distribute Sinovac shots to developing nations.

The WHO said Tuesday that the two-dose, inactivated Sinovac vaccine is safe for 18s and older, with a second shot to be received after two to four weeks.

WHO, WTO, IMF’s Appeal for 50-Billion-Dollar Fund to End the Coronavirus epidemic

A study in a Brazilian city showed a ninety-five percent fall in coronavirus-related deaths after it immunized almost all of its adults with China’s Sinovac.

According to the study, the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, Serrana, is home to forty-five thousand people. After 75 percent of its population inoculated, the COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations’ toll decreased. Brazil is the third worst-hit nation by the coronavirus pandemic with overall 465,199 deaths, and COVID-19 active cases reached 16624480.

The World Health Organization’s Assistant Director-General for Drug access and Vaccines, Mariangela Batista Galvao Simao, said that the world greatly needs many coronavirus vaccines to address the considerable access unfairness around the globe. She added that they encourage producers to participate in the COVAX program, share their information to bring the epidemic under control.

China said it had already produced around ten million vaccines of coronavirus doses for the COVAX program. Moreover, the country plans to produce nearly three billion COVID shots by the end of 2021.

Surprisingly, Sinovac’s one advantage is that it could be at 2-8oC (standard refrigerator temperature). That is a lot more helpful to impoverished nations that might not store heavy amounts of COVID vaccines at low temperatures.


WHO Approves China’s Sinovac Coronavirus Vaccine For Emergency Use
China’s Sinovac Receives Emergency Use Authorization from The WHO
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The Emergency Authorization came as the World Trade Organization, the WHO, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund appealed for a 50-billion-dollar investment fund to contribute to ending the epidemic.

Moreover, they have called for the money to be invested in COVID-19 treatments, vaccine production, and oxygen supplies, ensuring they are circulated equitably.

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