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Civilians Flee Kherson City amid Russian Intensified Attacks

Kherson, which was recaptured just weeks ago, was shelled on Saturday, forcing civilians to flee the city. Civilians evacuated the city at a time when Ukraine was commemorating a famine during the Stalin regime and ensuring that Russia's war in Ukraine did not harm other nations worldwide.

Civilians Flee Kherson City amid Russian Forces Intensified Attacks

Kherson’s main train station entrance was separated from the waiting area by a glass partition, and as Inna Selivanova 13 years old waved goodbye to Nika Selivanova, she gave a heart-shaped wave. Having just shared a hug moments before, tears filled their eyes as they held each other. In her arms, Nika was holding in her arms a white dachshund puppy named Asia, which the girl kissed It was uncertain when the girls would be able to see one another again.

Uncertainty about their future settlement led a family from Nikas village to leave Kherson. Their current objective is to gain assistance from the local authorities in Khmelnytskyi in the west of the country. Over the past few days in Kherson, Elena’s mother and Nika’s mother have witnessed too much shelling. Russian forces used to shell us 7-10 times a day, but now they shell us 70-80 times a day all day long. It is too frightening.”

Elena explained. It is a great shame to leave my dear country and my dear city. It is too frightening.” Elena explained. The Russian military has dramatically escalated its bombardment of Kherson since Christmas Day, forcing over 400 people to leave the city. Elena and her three daughters are among them. The Ukrainian government assisted Elena in her evacuation by train. The checkpoint leading out of Kherson is surrounded by cars piled high with terrified citizens leaving on their own.

Masses Waved Ukrainian Flags

When the BBC team approached Iryna Antonenko’s car to speak to her, she was in tears. The situation cannot be tolerated any longer. The situation is deteriorating due to intense shelling. She adds that throughout this time, they stayed and assumed that it would pass and that they would be fortunate. ” “Unfortunately, a strike destroyed the house next door, as well as her father’s home,” she explained. Her travel plans included a visit to Kryvyi Rih, a city in central Ukraine where her relatives live.

A jubilant scene was witnessed in Kherson just last month. On November 11, the city was liberated from Russian forces on the second day of the invasion. Eleven people have been killed and dozens have been injured in a mortar attack on Christmas Eve near the location where masses had gathered to celebrate the liberation of Ukraine from Russian control. People working or visiting the central market of the city, such as a social worker, a butcher, and a woman selling mobile SIM cards, were among the dead.

A report by the Ukrainian government indicates that Kherson was hit 41 times by mortar fire that day. On the east bank of the Dnipro River, where the Ukrainians withdrew, a large firefight is taking place between the Russians and Ukrainians. It has become a de facto front line in the south of the nation. Often, Kherson is referred to as the gateway to Crimea due to its strategic importance. Several analysts have indicated that Russia is now in a defensive position in this regard.

Russia Bans Oil Export to Countries

Despite the pounding of Kherson, it is difficult to see what the Russians hope to gain from this action. The city has been hit by mortar shells as well as incendiary munitions. These sparks are intended to light up targets in the city. The Ukrainian military has also been attempting to regain control of areas on the left bank of the river, but it is unclear if they are succeeding.

Due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued an executive order banning all oil sales to countries and companies that follow a price cap agreed to by Western countries. On Tuesday, Moscow responded to the price cap in a long-awaited manner. The agreement bans the supply of crude oil and petroleum products to nations that comply with the cap beginning February 1 for five months.

In the presidential decree, it is stated that the sales ban can be lifted on an individual basis upon Putin’s approval of a “special decision.” Moreover, in an agreement this month, the G-7 industrialized countries, Australia, and the European Union agreed that Russian seaborne crude oil prices would be capped at $60 per barrel, effective December 5.

A cap was introduced in conjunction with an EU embargo on the seaborne delivery of Russian crude oil to prevent the country from circumventing the embargo by selling oil at a high cost to third parties. Additionally, it seeks to limit Russian revenue while maintaining Moscow’s ability to supply the global market with goods. The Russian government indicated that it was confident that new buyers would be found and that the cap would not affect its military campaign in Ukraine.

Eastern Europe is Growing Stronger Amid Ukraine War

The conflict in Ukraine continues to rage unabated as 2022 draws to a close. Russian President Vladimir Putin deems what he calls a “special military operation” to be a life-or-death conflict with the United States and NATO allies. On the other hand, the West views the conflict as a threat to its own security and has vowed to defend the sovereignty of Ukraine. However, framing the conflict as a conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union has an inherent drawback.

Civilians Flee Kherson City amid Russian Intensified Attacks
Civilians Flee Kherson City amid Russian Intensified Attacks
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Ukrainians are underplayed for their spirit, resilience, and resilience in resisting the Russian imperialist power that is bent on establishing an imperial order based on Moscow across the post-Soviet sphere. A lack of Ukrainian resolve to combat aggression and revanchism would have prevented no amount of military and financial assistance for Kyiv from thwarting Kremlin ambitions.

One of the most important lessons to be taken from this war is that the countries and nations of Eastern Europe have agency and are not pawns in the power struggles of larger players. Moreover, it extends far beyond the example provided by Ukraine. A deal worth $5.76 billion is being negotiated between Warsaw and South Korea for the purchase of tanks and self-propelled howitzers, as well as the acquisition of F-35 fighter aircraft from the United States soon.

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