Home Updates Coronavirus Cases Surge Hits New England

Coronavirus Cases Surge Hits New England

Despite having the highest vaccination rates in the US, most New England states see the highest delta variant of COVID-19 surge

Coronavirus Cases Surge Hits New England

Despite having the highest vaccination rights in the United States, there are constant reminders for most New England states of just how deadly the delta variant of coronavirus is. As a result, hospitals all over the region see comprehensive ICU, and staff shortages are beginning to affect care.

Public officials are requesting with the unvaccinated people to receive the doses. In addition, health care workers are handling the repressed demand for other types of care delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation, Michael Pieciak, said that the situation is frustrating for the whole country. Furthermore, the health officials want kids to be safe in school and want parents not to have to worry about the health and education of their children.

Even though several parts of New England are experiencing record COVID-19 case counts, hospitalizations, and deaths that rival pre-vaccine peaks, mainly among the unvaccinated Americans, the region has not seen the effect of the delta variant wave formed on other areas of the country. According to the statistics of the Associated Press, full vaccination rates across the six states of New England range from a high of 69.4 percent in Vermont to 61.5 percent in New Hampshire.

High Vaccination Rates and a lot of Unvaccinated People

Despite the relatively high vaccination rates – the United States as a whole is averaging 55.5 percent – there are still hundreds of thousands of individuals across the region who remain unvaccinated and vulnerable to the coronavirus. In addition, a Rhode Island official said that he didn’t think the seventy percent vaccination target, once touted as the level that would be helpful to beat and end the outbreak in the state, is enough.

Officials across New England continue to encourage the unvaccinated people to take the doses and booster vaccine mandates. Virus case counts in Vermont are the highest during the whole pandemic. Hospitalizations are approaching the outbreak peak from last winter, and September was the second-deadliest month of Vermont during the outbreak. An infectious disease expert at the forty-eight-bed York Hospital in Maine, Dr. Gretchen Volpe, said that the delta variant surge has made it difficult to find care for patients who need more assistance.

Coronavirus Cases Surge Hits New England Despite high Inoculation rates
Coronavirus Cases Surge Hits New England Despite high Inoculation rates
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Republican Governor Faced Criticism amid his COVID-19 Policies

The U.S. surpassed the threshold of seven hundred thousand deaths from coronavirus on Friday. Furthermore, the deaths during the peak time of the delta have been unrelenting in hotspots in the South. The Republican Governor of Vermont, Phil Scott, faced criticism from some Democratic leaders and over ninety workers of the Vermont Health Department. In August, he signed a letter to urge him to do more to fight the delta wave.

He lifted the state of emergency in June, as the state became the first U.S. state to see eighty percent of its eligible population get at least one dose of the vaccine. Now Scott is recommending that schools require face masks, and he is also urging residents to wear face masks in crowded indoor gatherings.

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