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Criminal Investigation open into Trump’s attempt to influence election results

Probe has opened into Trump’s effort to overturn election results

A prosecutor in Georgia initiated a probe into former United States President Donald Trump for his attempts and efforts to influence the 2020 Georgia general election results and administration. In a Wednesday note sent to several Georgia state election officials, including Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to request that they preserve documents related to a phone call of former president last month in which he stressed Raffensperger to find votes to reverse Biden’s election victory.

The investigation originates as Raffensperger’s office opened its own criminal investigation into Trump’s attempts to influence the 2020 November Election results, an inquiry that includes an analysis of both that call and another telephone call the then-President made to an official of Georgia election. Willis stated that her investigation includes, but not limited to, possible violations of Georgia election law forbidding the solicitation of general election fraud, the making of false statements to local and state government bodies, racketeering, conspiracy, breach of oath, as well as any connection with the violence of threats related to the administration of the election.

Moreover, the letter reads, this particular matter is of high priority, and the fellow law enforcement officers avowed to sustain the Constitution of Georgia and the U.S., our gaining of evidence and information of possible crimes through videos, interviews, documents, and electronic records will be cooperative.

Is Trump’s name mention in the letter?

Former President Trump himself didn’t name in the letter. However, Willi’s office confirmed different news agencies like CNN that the criminal investigation concerns his phone call with Raffensperger. The letter also says that at present, the officials of Fulton County have no reason to believe that the probe is targeting any Georgia official. Previously, the New York Times reported the investigation.

The criminal investigation adds to a mounting list of significant legal pressures facing the former president, including his Senate impeachment trial in which House Democratic leaders are pushing to offend him for provoking the fatal insurgency at the United States Capitol, and the investigation initiated by Raffensperger’s office into election conduct of Donald Trump.

In that criminal probe, Raffensperger, the top election official of the state, is also investigating Trump’s sixty-minute phone call, in which Trump criticized his Republican fellow for refusing to misleadingly say that he won the election in Georgia and repetitively touted groundless claims of election fraud.

Likewise, another call occurred on 23rd December between Trump and a Georgia election investigator in the office of the secretary of the state – the person leading an investigation into claims of vote fraud in Cobb County. In that particular phone call, the former president asked the election investigator to find the fraud, saying the official would be a national hero, according to an authentic source having direct knowledge of the call.

Criminal Investigation open into Trump's attempt to influence election results
Criminal Investigation open into Trump’s attempt to influence election results
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18 attempted calls from the White House to the Georgia secretary of state’s office

A Georgia state official confirmed to news outlet CNN, around eighteen attempted calls dialed from the White House to the Georgia secretary of state’s office between the general election and the 2nd January phone call between Raffensperger and Trump. Election officials, dozens of judges, governors, the Electoral College, the U.S. Supreme Court, election officials, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Justice Department confirmed no reliable allegations of any issue with voting that impacted the election.

The former United States attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, Michael J. Moore, told CNN the various calls sort of start to tell the story that this wasn’t an official trying to communicate to another official about issues that he or she may face in an election. He says that it is more about how he gets to the place that he can win the race.

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