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Current and former Trump officials silently reach out to Biden transition team

A number of Trump administration officials as well as some political appointees who left the Republican in recent months have quietly started to reach out to members of President elect Joe-Biden’s transition team, according to the sources familiar with the matter. The outreach signifies that Trump’s refusal to concede the election and the continued obstruction from WH has started to frustrate even those linked with administration. The General Services Administration is yet to acknowledge Democrat’s victory and begin the formal transition. As a result of this, Biden and his transition team are unable to access the federal agencies, funds to ramp up government hiring for the new administration and access to top-secret security briefs.

One former official associated with Trump’s administration said the outreach efforts are a sign that they are putting duty to the country over partisan considerations. He admitted that conversations are not detailed as there is no formal transition but they at least could act as an accessory for the incoming Biden transition members in sensing the issues they might be facing upon taking over.

Another former official said he personally emailed someone who he expects will be in Biden’s team in a similar role to offer him assistance.

Once current administration member, on Wednesday confirmed to CNN that there has been informal outreach from inside the Trump’s government to Biden’s transition aides. “Nothing that would get us in trouble,” the official said. “Just an offer to be of help. They know what we mean, and what we can-and-can’t do or say.” However, the official confirmed the outreach so far has not concluded in any breakthrough. A senior adviser confirmed the outreach form across the government but refused to make a comment. Another aide of the President-elect said the help offered by former members of the administration was appreciated in several cases but noted that it was not as conducive as required.

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“It requires more than former officials choosing to step forward and be helpful to ensure a smooth transition of power,” Kate Bedingfield, deputy campaign manager and transition adviser to Biden, told CNN. “GSA should follow the law and ascertain the results of the election so that Americans get a smooth and effective hand off between administrations.”