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Delta Variant Challenges the Lock-down Strategy of China

The delta variant of the COVID-19 is challenging the costly strategy of China by isolating cities and raised concerns about less disruptive approach of leaders against it

The delta variant of the coronavirus is challenging the expensive strategy of China by isolating cities, and it drove warnings about the policies of the Chinese political leaders that they could keep the virus out of the country. However, leaders across the world, especially the United States and Australia, renew their lockdown restrictions and other guidelines as the highly infectious variant pushes in the countries.

On the other hand, the administration of Chinese President Xi Jinping is combating the most serious pandemic since the 2020’s peak in Wuhan. The Communist Party in China is reviving strategies to shut down China again: it blocked access to the city of 1.5 million people, canceled flights, and COVID-19 testing ordered in some areas.

The zero-tolerance strategy to quarantine every individual infected with the virus and stop new virus infections from outside the country helped the government contain the pandemic of last year and made China mainly virus-free. However, its impact on life and work for millions of individuals prompts warnings that the country needs to learn to control coronavirus without constantly shutting down the society and economy.

Beijing Winter Olympics 2021 and Coronavirus

Winter Olympics 2021 will be an actual test of China when thousands of athletes, reporters, and spectators arrive in Beijing in February. Whereas the ruling party of China faces a politically sensitive charge of leadership in late 2022, for which political leaders need favorable economic conditions. China closed much of the economy – the world’s second-biggest economy last year and cut off nearly all access to several cities with a total of sixty million people – strategies imitated on a minor scale by Asian governments to Americans.

It caused the deadliest economic contraction of China in the last five decades, but Beijing was able to allow domestic travel and business to resume in March 2020. However, the new infections, specifically in people who already received the vaccination, shook the international financial markets, which concern that the response of Beijing may disturb the manufacturing and supply chains. Likewise, the main stock indexes in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong dropped Tuesday but were growing again on Tuesday.

Delta Variant Challenges the Lock-down Strategy of China
Delta Variant Challenges the Lock-down Strategy of China
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China needs to determine how to allow the coronavirus to exist in areas with high inoculation rates

According to a health economist at the Yale School of Public Health, Xi Chen, China requires to shift to generating barriers to the COVID-19 within communities by accelerating vaccinations and rapidly treating sick people while allowing businesses and travel to proceed. Xi said that China needs access to the complete range of coronavirus vaccination, including allowing people in the vaccine dose of BioNTech.

So far, China has reported about 4640 deaths out of around ninety-three confirmed cases. Chen said that China needs to learn how to allow COVID-19 to exist in parts with high coronavirus vaccination rates and solid health care. He noted some areas of the country have around eighty percent of adults receive the vaccination.

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