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Democrats in Hot Waters after More Former Runners Rally Behind Biden

Joe Biden’s stunning comeback has once again put Democratic in hot waters after the Super Tuesday results termed rigged by many voters and loyalists. The collision course between the establishment favorite and democratic social Vermont Sanders Bernie Sanders could leave the party weakened and crippled ahead of November election.

The primaries are reminiscent of the results that surfaced four years ago when some of most ardent supporters of the Senator including many young voters boycotted the election day rejecting Clinton’s candidature powered and presented by the strong corporate establishment. Sanders and Clinton made a dead finish for the Democratic nomination but a significant number of the party voter believed the establishment wrested the nomination away from their leader, Sanders.

Though over this time, the endorsement of Biden by the Democratic candidates now dropped out of the race is increasing the distrust of both loyal supporters of Sanders and also those undecided neutrals.  Despite the claims of both camps built around putting a united front against President Trump, the over and catalytic support and swift coalescence around Biden could once again backfire against the party which has already resulted in the division of the party along lines of race and age.

The miraculous turnover after South Carolina victory and then resurgence on Super Tuesday couldn’t make things more difficult for the already disintegrated party at so many levels. The weighty endorsements to rescue Biden’s campaign form near-death to a frontrunner status by Jim Clyburn in South Carolina, Terry McAuliffe and then by Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg is fueling the feud and making things more contentious between the establishment and grassroot loyalists.

The latest stepping down of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to back after the trio consisting of his primary rivals threw their backing behind the former vice president is creating nothing but more polarization among the skittish Democratic voters. Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm also anointed Biden as he looks for more good results in the key state on coming Tuesday. Biden also has the backing of former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. The sanders support base in their recent interviews have openly expressed their concerts that Democratic establishment will once again steal the nomination from the Sanders.

Th Vermont Senator who knows better than anybody this undertone of suspicion himself charted out us-vs.-them narrative in his campaign at a news conference Wednesday in Burlington, VT as he underlined the forces stacked against him which include Wall Street and entire corporate establishment.

“There has been never a campaign in recent history which has taken on the entire political establishment, and that is an establishment which is working frantically to try to defeat us,” said Sanders.

Biden vs Sanders

“There has not been a campaign that is trying to deal with the kind of venom that we’re seeing from some in the corporate media,” the Senator added. “This campaign has been compared to the coronavirus on television. We have been described as the Nazi army marching across France, etc., etc. As we come into the last several months of this campaign, what I hope very much is that what we can focus on is an issue-oriented campaign, which deals with the concerns of the American people.”

When asked about former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who would pour in millions of dollars to provide much needed thrust for Biden’s nomination whom he loathes most, the Senator lambasting the media, replied he had “no animus toward the former mayor, “but this just confirms exactly what I said. It is what the media has been talking about for months. How do we stop Bernie Sanders? How do we stop a movement of working people and low-income people? How do we stop a multi-generational, multi-racial movement, which is standing up for justice?”

Former Vice President’s aides were quick to respond to Sanders remarks and viewed his comments as divisive tactics to redeem himself in the upcoming states as they criticized the anti-Biden ads thrown by Sanders team.

“We have seen, unfortunately, what kind of campaigns Bernie Sanders runs. We saw the impact that it had in 2016,” said Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield.

“I just did not know that African Americans in the South were considered part of the establishment,” Cedric Richmond, a co-chair of Biden’s as he attempted to check Sander’s mischaracterization of Biden’s victories Tuesday night.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former President Barack Obama in a bid to stop the further degeneration have studiously stayed out the feud within the party. But Clinton, whose despise for Sanders is not something news, was seen bashing his old rival in a new Hulu documentary series, “Hillary,” that premiered at Sundance.

“Nobody likes him,” she said of Sanders. “Nobody wants to work with him.”

Jen Psaki, a former Obama adviser who now renders his services for Cable News Network as a contributor pointed out that since Clinton’s 2016 defeat, there has been a much broader understanding of the power and importance of Sanders coalition which is why Biden has worked hard to clap back with a tone of inclusivity and the same goes for the masters of manipulation who know this could be their last chance to put a real dent in Sanders nomination.

“There wasn’t the same fear of (Trump) going into the White House that exists now, and that will be a big motivator that it was not four years ago,” Psaki said. “There was a lack of understanding of the power of Bernie Sanders’ support and the loyalty of his support. And there probably wasn’t enough seriousness taken — the need to reach out to people who felt disaffected, who didn’t feel heard, who felt that their movement wasn’t taken seriously and was undervalued when it shouldn’t have been.”

“On the flip side, the lesson has not been learned on the Bernie Sanders side, in my view. This is about addition, not subtraction,” Psaki said. “And you’re not going to win by alienating large swaths of Democrats out there — people who don’t feel like they want to be part of Bernie Sanders’ movement, they just want to defeat Donald Trump and they want their health care protected.”