Home Updates Donald Trump endorses Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for reelection in 2022

Donald Trump endorses Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for reelection in 2022

Donald Trump endorsed Governor Greg Abbott for governor race in 2022.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, endorsed Governor Greg Abbott for re-election in 2022, giving Abbott an early and key stamp of approval as he confronts a possibly competitive primary.

Mr. Abbott already has drawn a challenge from former state Senator Don Huffines, a GOP from Dallas. Sid Miller, Agriculture Commissioner, also has been considering a run, and Allen West, Texas Republican Chair, hasn’t ruled it out.

In a written statement, Donald Trump praised Greg Abbott’s records on subjects including law enforcement and crime, immigration border security, jobs, and gun rights.

“all in on election integrity”

Mr. Trump wrote in an email to his followers that Mr. Abbott is a fighter and Great Governor for incredible Texans. No Governor has performed more to protect the border and keep their communities safe than Gov. Greg Abbott. The email statement continued that he would continue to be the great leader for the Lone Star State and has Trump’s full endorsement and support for re-election.

The endorsement comes just two days after Texas House Democrats killed Gov. Abbott’s priority voting bill by walking out of the chamber and denying the House a quorum on the deadline day to pass lawmaking before the sessions’ end. Gov. Abbott has promised to come to it in a special session, but Don Huffines stated the failure of lawmaking in the regular legislation session depicted a leadership lack by the Texas governor.

Former US President stated that Greg Abbott is “all in on Election Integrity.”

Mr. Trump’s supporting of Gov. Abbott is particularly disappointing to Agriculture Commissioner Miller, who has represented himself as Trump’s closest ally in Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, who chaired both of Trump’s Presidential drives in Texas, has already got Trump’s endorsement for reelection in 2022.

A rich real estate developer, Senator Huffines, has jumped into the governor’s race so far.

Abbott exacts Revenge

Greg Abbott wrote in a Twitter statement, “No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities.”

Huffines was among the most conservative GOPs during his term in the US senate from 2015 to 2019 after ousting John Carona in the Republican primary. Soon after Mr. Trump’s endorsement, Don Huffines called himself “the clear Donald Trump Candidate”

Donald Trump endorses Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for reelection in 2022
Donald Trump endorses Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for reelection in 2022
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Seventeen GOP legislators voted in support of Donald Trump’s Impeachment. Seven Senators and Ten House members are all now on Mr. Trump’s target. Additionally, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who former President had already promised to campaign against in June 2020, is up for the race in 2022.

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