Home Updates Eric Adams won New York City Mayor Election

Eric Adams won New York City Mayor Election

Democrat Eric Adams will become the next mayor of New York City after defeating Republican rival Curtis Sliwa

Eric Adams won NYC Mayor Election and Vows to Boost Public Safety

On Tuesday, Democratic Eric Adams won the mayoral race of New York City on his vows to strengthen public safety and give voice to working-class citizens. He presented himself as a Black man who faced police brutality as a youth. He will become the second Black American mayor of the city after comfortably defeating Curtis Sliwa from the Republican party.

In January, the sixty-one-year-old Adams conquest victoriously from Democratic Bill de Blasio. He will face the task of managing the country’s largest city blossoming recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, challenging wealth inequality, struggling public schools, and lack of affordable housing. Adams had been expected to win closely in New York City. Adams also tweeted to announce his victory.

On Tuesday night, he told his supporters that Democrats are so divided at the moment and are missing the beauty of Democratic diversity. As a party, they started the in-house jerseys and must put on one jersey, Team New York. The victory of Adam could give the Democratic party of President Joe Biden some sign of where its voters stand as it maintains a delicate coalition between centrists and progressives in Washington.

Adams secured 75.2 percent of the vote compared to the 20.3 percent of Sliwa as of 09:20 pm, with around seventeen percent of the vote counted. Local polls closed sharp at 09:00 pm, Adams captured two-thirds or more of the vote in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan, while Sliwa carried Staten Island with around 54.4 percent of votes.

Safety, Safety, Safety

The victory of Adam comes as no surprise because recent polls suggested he held a forty-percentage point lead over the conservative founder of the Guardian Angels, Sliwa. Adams faced intense competition during the Democratic primary, closely beating out progressive Maya Wiley, former New York City Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia, and ex-presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Law enforcement background and Adam’s blue-collar resonated with the residents of the city, and his mainstream campaign focused on police reform and violence prevention. This summer, the New York Times asked Adams’ top priority if he elected mayor; he replied, “safety, safety, safety.”

Eric Adams won New York City Mayor Election
Eric Adams won New York City Mayor Election
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The mount in crime across the United States driven mayoral candidates all over the country to call for more investment in policing and public safety moved on the top priority of several voters’ list concerns. Adams argued the New York City couldn’t make a full economic recovery without combating violent crime.

Mini-controversy about Adams Residency

Adams residency became a mini-controversy starting in June. The mayor-elected maintained he had lived for around ten years in the ground floor apartment of a row house in Brooklyn, and he is the owner of this apartment. Furthermore, criticizers are doubtful of his explanation, as his personal tax filings disclosed, he reported living at Brooklyn Borough Hall in March 2020 after the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Adams would possibly settle the discussion should he shift into the mayoral residence of Gracie Mansion in Manhattan in 2022.

Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City, doesn’t want to quit Empire State politics any time shortly: on Tuesday, he filed documentation to run in the New York gubernatorial race of 2022. De Blasio has been mayor of the city since 2014 but cannot run this time because of the term limitations.

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