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EU Candidate Status Granted to Ukraine

Europe has agreed to onboard Ukraine by granting the country proper European Union membership

EU Candidate Status Granted to Ukraine by European Parliament

In an overwhelmingly resounding vote Thursday, European Parliament members granted Ukrainian candidate status to the EU, advancing it closer to Western allies that have supplied it with massive amounts of armaments to resist Russia. It was a vote of 529 to 45, with 14 abstentions. Georgia and Moldova also received approval from the European Parliament to join the EU. In a tweet on Twitter, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared that this was a “historic moment in Ukrainian-EU relations. Ukraine’s future lies within the European Union.”

He also posted on Instagram that they received the candidacy, which is their victory.” Earlier this week, the US announced it would offer Ukraine $450 million more in military assistance, including some medium-range rocket systems, on top of $1 billion a week ago. In a Facebook message, Ukrainian Parliament chair Ruslan Stefanchuk also expressed gratitude for the European lawmakers’ support. It is not just the battlefield that they fight for this right, but the legal sphere they fight for.”

Necessary Reforms

Three countries must undergo a series of economic and political reforms to join the twenty-seven-member European Union bloc. “Ukrainian government has implemented roughly seventy percent of the EU’s rules, standards, and norms,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. But more steps are needed regarding the rule of law, oligarchs, and anti-corruption.

EU Candidate Status Granted to Ukraine
EU Candidate Status Granted to Ukraine by European Parliament
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It would be up to the heads of all twenty-seven EU governments to vote on Ukraine’s membership in the European Union. Furthermore, all votes must be cast unanimously. There is a possibility that the process could take a decade to complete, according to diplomats. In his speech, Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, said Ukrainians belong to the European family. As we embark on this long journey together, we mark the beginning of a long period of time.”

In addition, as EU leaders gathered in Brussels, they talked about the impact of the Russian war in Ukraine on global food security and the additional support to Kyiv that the European Union is providing economically, militarily, and humanitarian. According to Zelenskyy, Russian military forces continue to launch massive air and artillery strikes in the eastern Ukrainian Donbas region, aiming to ” destroy the entire Donbas along the way.”

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