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EU starts mass vaccination to combat Coronavirus

The European Union starts mass vaccination to combat COVID-19

The European Union started a coordinated vaccine rollout to combat coronavirus.  According to the top official, it is a touching moment of unity. Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, said that the administration delivered the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to all twenty-seven member states on Saturday.

On the other side, some countries started administering the COVID-19 vaccines on Saturday. So far, the European reported over 335,000 coronavirus-related deaths. Over fourteen million people infected by the virus and restrict to lockdown measures in almost all the member states. The COVID-19 jab rollout comes as cases of the more infectious variant of coronavirus confirmed in many European countries along with Japan and Canada.

What’s the latest on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout?

Mass vaccination across the European Union – almost 446 million people – started early on Sunday. It comes after the European Commission and the European Medicines Agency authorized the German-United States Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Moreover, the EU secured agreements for over two billion vaccine doses from different drug companies.

On Saturday, Ms von der Leyen tweeted that the European Union start turning the page on a difficult year. The coronavirus vaccine delivered to all EU nations. Vaccination will start today across the EU. Further, she says that the vaccination days are a touching moment of unity. In addition, vaccination is the lasting way out of the deadly pandemic.

Jens Spahn, the German Health Minister, relates the vaccination with a happy message on Christmas. At this stage, lorries with the first vaccines are on the way all over Europe, all over Germany. More deliveries will start from tomorrow. The vaccine is the key to defeat the fatal pandemic. It is the key point for the community in getting back their lives. Luigi Di Maio, the Italian Foreign Minister, encouraged his nationals to get the vaccinations. He adds that as a nation, they get their freedom back and able to embrace it again.

EU starts mass vaccination to combat Coronavirus
EU starts mass vaccination to combat Coronavirus
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North-east Germany started vaccinating elder people

Health workers serving in north-east Germany decided not to wait for Sunday and started jabbing older adults of a nursing home in Halberstadt. The state news agency says that the first receiver of the vaccine was a Hungary doctor at Del-Pest Central Hospital on Saturday. The administrations in Slovakia also said that they started vaccinating their people.

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