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Evacuated Afghan Interpreters at Final Stage

A special flight for around two hundred Afghan interpreters for Special Immigrant Status arrived in the US to evacuate them from Afghanistan

On Friday, a special flight for around two hundred Afghan interpreters for Special Immigrant Status arrived in the United States as part of an plan to evacuate them from Afghanistan. These interpreters helped the U.S. forces and government during the twenty years of combat operation.

Joe Bide, the U.S. President, stated that today is an important milestone for the government because it continues to fulfill its promise to the thousands of Afghan interpreters who served shoulder-to-shoulder with U.S. diplomats and troops during the last two decades in Afghanistan.

Further, he adds that he wants to honor all those in America who spoke out on behalf of these brave Afghans, including the veterans’ proud community, who constantly backed the Afghans who were by their side on the battlefield in Afghanistan, usually serving as interpreters and translators.

The U.S. will Offer to Save Heaven to Afghan Interpreters

On 14 July, the White House administration announced Operation Allies Refuge, saying it would offer to save place to Afghani interpreters and other ones who assisted the United States government during the U.S.-Taliban war in Afghanistan. They will also offer a safe haven to the families of those interpreters, who now fear revenge from the Taliban militants.

Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary, stated Friday that these courageous men and women are at significant risk with a threat to their lives, including their families, as they served alongside the United States and allied forces and diplomats to support American operations and prevent Afghanistan from becoming a suitable place for terrorism that threatens the U.S. homeland sovereignty.

Russ Travers, the senior Deputy Homeland Security Adviser of the National Security Council, told reporters that the flight signifies the fulfillment of the United States commitment to save their lives and honors the brave service of these Afghans in helping support the U.S. mission.

Touching Earth in the United States

American officials stated the 1st flight included around two hundred people with Special Immigrant Status and their family members. Around seven hundred more who completed the SIV procedure will be evacuated over the coming few weeks. Those Afghans will now spend the following week at Fort Lee (Virginia army base) to finalize paperwork and undergo medical examination before the process of relocation.

On Friday evening, Joe Biden signed an emergency supplemental security bill that allocated a number of dollars as an aide to increase the number of Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) from eleven thousand to nineteen thousand while dropping the number of employment years required with the U.S. military from one to two years.

First Flight of evacuated Afghan interpreters arrives in US
First Flight of evacuated Afghan interpreters arrives in the US
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A Democratic leader from Virginia district, Senator Tim Kaine, said that a hotel on the army base would process around twenty-five hundred Afghans. At a news conference, Kaine adds that they feel specifically supportive and proud that they can be the primary place of touching the soil in the U.S. These Afghans holding Special Immigrant Visas and their families the next thrilling episode of opportunity in the United States.

Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, stated that America has a long-lasting tradition of welcoming refugees, immigrants, and others, and the recent flight stands as the latest example. The U.S., alongside the civil society partners and a large number of volunteers across the country, looks ahead to greeting Afghan partners and friends.

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