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Fair Elections Key to Strong United States – Trump

Former President Donald Trump insisted that good elections and border security are the two important secrets of a strong country.

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, talked to a gathering of law enforcement officials in Weslaco, Texas, before leaving out for a border wall tour with Governor Greg Abbott Wednesday. He insisted that fair elections and border security are the two important secrets to have a strong country.

At a roundtable, after outlining several issues that occurred along the United States-Mexico border after his rule, he said that if you don’t have fair elections and a strong border, you don’t have a country. Trump also praised the gathered officials for coming in and their proficient services.

Trump slammed the Biden Administration

The former president criticized the Biden government and said that the border is not safe during his presidency. Further, he said that the Democratic leaders launched a disinformation campaign to blame his era in the White House and Republicans and even law enforcement officers.

Moreover, Trump acclaimed his presidency and said that he almost stopped the import of fentanyl and other crimes such as human trafficking. His government also constructed five hundred miles of the border wall, regardless of many years of lawsuits against them. The former president also criticized the Biden government for ending the “the remain in Mexico” policy, which helped the asylum seekers and resuming the catch-and-release program, both of which were a flood of record numbers of illegal immigrants entering the United States.

Fair Elections Key to Strong United States – Trump
Fair Elections Key to the Strong United States – Trump
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The former Republican President also discussed his plans for the border wall, noting that it would be difficult to climb on it and that the plans were hundred percent on track with the involvement of the Border Patrol and others. Trump said that they designed the terrific border wall. It looks like steel, but it is not really steeling on the outside. Instead, the wall has hardened concrete on the inside of the pillars.

Trump also spoke up about the United States elections and said that they must get straight because, in another case, the U.S. will become a 3rd world country soon because the elections in the country are a mess.

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