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Federal Judge Rejects Trump’s Bid to Hide Tax Returns

A federal judge rejected Trump’s long-running effort to block the Treasury Department from turning over his tax records to the Committee

Treasury Department can Release Trump Tax Records to House - Judge

A federal U.S. judge, Trevor McFadden, rejected the former president’s latest bid to hide his tax returns from the House committee. He ruled that the legislative interest of Congress overshadowed any regarding what the former president should receive as a former president. McFadden also said in his ruling that Trump was wrong on the law to bar the House Ways & Means Committee from acquiring his tax returns.

The district judge also said that it was within the power of the chairman of the committee to publish the returns if he saw fit. Republican Trump was the first U.S. president in forty years to not release his tax returns as he intended to keep back the details of his wealth and the activities of the Trump Organization.

Uncovering Tax Returns Could Harm Trump Politically

In 2019, the committee sued to force the release of the tax returns, and the argument remains approximately eleven months after Trump left office. Last month, Trump lawyer Patrick Strawbridge told McFadden the House committee had no legal reason to see the tax returns and asked for them in the hope of disclosing information that could hurt the former president politically.

Federal Judge Rejects Trump’s Bid to Hide Tax Returns
Federal Judge Rejects Trump’s Bid to Hide Tax Returns
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House Democrats said that they need the tax returns of Trump to see if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is assessing the presidential returns properly and to evaluate whether new legislation is necessary. McFadden said that the committee House would be able to achieve its declared goals without publishing the returns.

He cautioned Representative Richard Neal, the Democratic chairman of the committee, that while he has legal right to do so, anybody can see that publishing confidential tax data of a political competitor is the type of move that will return to curse the inventor. The former president can still appeal the case. In addition, the federal judge put his ruling on hold for fourteen days, allowing time for such an appeal.

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