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First Female Governor of New York – Kathy Hochul

Kathy Hochul will become the first female to serve as governor of New York after the resignation of Andrew Cuomo on 24th August

Kathy Hochul, the current Lieutenant Governor, will become the first female to serve as governor of New York after replacing Democratic Andrew Cuomo on his 24th August resignation date. She has had the honor to remain the second-ranking official (lieutenant governor) of the state since 2015 and become the fifty-seventh governor in 2011. Hochul, sixty-two, won a special election for a New York congressional district, but unfortunately, she lost the seat in 2013 to a Republican rival.

About Kathy Hochul

In her role as state second-ranking official, she chairs ten economic development councils that invest in projects all over the state. Hochul also co-chairs a task force to fight opioid and heroin abuse. Furthermore, in 2015, she direct Cuomo’s Enough is Enough campaign to combat sexual assault at the college level. At the start of her career, Hochul worked as a legislative and legal aide to a congressperson John LaFalce from New York, and afterward, she served Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan as a legal aide.

During her service in Congress, she helped draft legislation regarding immigration reforms and campaign finance. Hochul also served fourteen years as a member of the town council in Hamburg, south of Buffalo. Later, Eliot Spitzer, then-Governor, appointed her clerk in Erie County, a designation she held until 2011, and then she won a special election seat for a congressional district of New York after forty years in the Democratic Party’s history. In addition, Hochul established the Kathleen Mary House in 2006 to support and give shelter to domestic violence victims in a transitional home.

First Female Governor of New York – Kathy Hochul
First Female Governor of New York State – Kathy Hochul
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Sexual Harassment Allegations on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

According to the blames of the state’s attorney general, Cuomo scrabbled, kissed, or made suggestive remarks to eleven women in violation of the law. These allegations prompt local prosecutors to initiate a criminal investigation and demand that he should resign or face impeachment. Moreover, the five-month investigation into the governor’s case found that Cuomo established a toxic environment and that his office criminally retaliated against the first accuser to go public.

After the conclusions of the probe, Joe Biden and other Democratic leaders asked Governor Cuomo to resign. However, in a video statement, Cuomo made clear that he had no plans to resign and denied his misbehaving allegations. He called the findings of the investigation unfair and inaccurate. Moreover, he said that the accusers misunderstood his words, behavior, and gestures. Instead, he insisted that he always intended to convey warmth to the women.

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