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Florida Representatives Suggest to Copy Texas Abortion Ban

The abortion ban of Texas state is possible to become a national trend after the US Supreme Court endorsed the law

The abortion ban of Texas is possible to become a national trend after the United States Supreme Court endorsed the law, as the lawmakers of Florida state became the first in an expected string of legislators of Republican state Thursday to signal, they aimed to approve their own anti-abortion legislation that copies the Texan state and lets residents, instead of the government, enforce the law.

A Republican Florida State Senate President, Wilton Simpson, stated Thursday it would be valuable to adopt the Texas law and do additional good things in Florida. He told local news outlet WFLA the abortion legislature was already working on lawmaking that bans abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, as Texas does.

On Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that he supported pro-life legislation and described the Texas abortion law (Senate Bill 8) as interesting. However, DeSantis noted that he planned to look more significantly at the law. Most abortion bans struck down in court, but Senate Bill 8 was crafted to withstand legal analysis by specifying only private citizens can enforce the abortion ban using private lawsuits against someone that assists and aids an abortion and receive around ten thousand U.S. dollars in damages in case of success.

Democrats Vowed to Fight Against State Actions to Restrict Abortion

The Legislative Director for Texas Right to Life, John Seago, told Forbes that he is already working with three other U.S states to draft legislation demonstrated after the abortion bill but didn’t clarify which since their efforts are not still public. Further, he added that you would see a lot of these bills filing in the coming few weeks. In addition, Seago recommended representatives in South Carolina are going ahead with similar abortion legislation. However, none appeared to comment on it publicly so far.

Florida Representatives Recommend to Copy Texas Abortion Ban
Florida Representatives Recommend to Copy Texas Abortion Ban
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Seago noted that the specific enforcement mechanism of the law seemed to prompt the United States Supreme Court to give the bill the green signal. However, Kristin Ford, the acting vice president of communications and research of Pro-Choice America, says that it is not what happens in Texas that stays in the situation of Texas. Along with South Carolina, the other states to go ahead with Texas-style abortion legislation would be Ohio and Arizona. On the other hand, Democratic leaders of the federal government pledged to combat state actions to limit abortion in the wake of the ruling of the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden Called the Supreme Court Ruling Unprecedented

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that the chamber would take up the Health Protection Act of Women when it proceeds from its August vacation, ultimately protecting the right to abortion into federal law. Furthermore, Joe Biden, the President of the United States, ordered his administration to undertake a whole-of-government effort to respond and fight the Texan abortion law. He also vowed to make efforts to ensure that Texan people have access to legal and safe abortions.

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