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Floyd Murder: Curfews imposed in US cities after the widespread protests turned violent

Curfews have been imposed in cities across United States to stop the social unrest and violent clashes between the public and law enforcement following the death of George Floyd. The extra-judicial killing of the black man has spread widespread protests as riot police have to use tear gas shelling and rubber bullets to disperse the enraged demonstrators that have set alight commercial properties, vehicles and a police station. Trump has blamed looters and anarchists for the violence and vandalistic behavior in protests. The protests began after the killing of Mr. Floyd, a 46-year-old African American in the custody of Minneapolis police on Monday.

Former policeman Derek Chauvin, 44 who has been charged for the murder of the black man would appear before court on Monday. In a footage that went viral online, the White police officer is seen kneeling on the deceased’s throat for several minutes while he repeatedly pleads that he is unable to breathe. Three other officers linked with the case have been dismissed from the duty.


Mass demonstrations have taken place in at least 30 cities across United States. The protesters hurled stones at riot officers in Chicago who responded by unleashing tear gas shells while several protesters were arrested on Saturday. Police in Los Angeles sprayed rubber on the protesters to stem the violent clashes as the pelted stones, threw bottles and set the squad cars alight. Images later showed people standing atop a burned-out police vehicle belonging to LA police department.

A crowd for the second day Marched toward the White House in Washington, DC. Buildings and properties were vandalized in Atlanta, Georgia as emergency was declared to protect people and property in some areas. Thousands of people also took to streets in New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Atlanta.

Overnight curfews have been imposed in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Portland, Louisville, Los Angeles and other cities. Protesters in several cities have violated the curfews and looting has been taken place at some places. National Guard have been called on in Minnesota and deployed to intervene in the domestic emergency on late Friday.


Mr. Trump on Saturday evening, said that Floyd’s death had “filled Americans with horror, anger and grief”.

“I stand before you as a friend and ally to every American seeking peace,” he made an appeal in a televised address from Cape Canaveral in Florida following the launch of two Nasa astronauts by Elon Musk’s tech giant SpaceX.

The President condemned the actions of “looters and anarchists” and accused them of doing a disservice to the memory of Floyd. What was needed, he said, was “healing not hatred, justice not chaos”.

“I will not allow angry mobs to dominate – won’t happen,” he added.

While denouncing the violent behavior of the miscreants, Mr. Trump also criticized Minneapolis Democrat-mayor for his inaction and lack of ability to control the protests that have turned worst. The President threatened to brought in National Guard if the riot police and authorities were unable to control the situation.

Biden, the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee and former United States Vice-President has accused his rival for not acting and fueling the bigotry. He called for the immediate accountability of those involved with the murder of the Floyd.