Home Updates Fort Worth 133-vehicle crash leaves at least 6 dead

Fort Worth 133-vehicle crash leaves at least 6 dead

On Thursday morning, freezing conditions in Texas led to a huge crash on Interstate 35W in Fort Worth and prompted officials to urge citizens to stay home. Around six people dead in the pile-up, involving almost 133 vehicles, Fox 4 of Dallas reported. Moreover, the authorities transported around sixty people to hospitals.

Fort Worth police Chief Neil Noakes told the reporters that today’s crash scene was probably the most horrible scene they have ever met. The first pile-up in the string occurred at around 06:15 am., Noakes said. Furthermore, he stated that ice on the road appeared as a major factor. Crashes stretched for almost one mile along the road, according to Fox 4.

Furthermore, Texas state Senator Beverly Powell told Fox News that the operator might not treat the road properly. Common users and officials posted several videos on Twitter that showed how instantly the icy surface turned a traffic jam into a fatal disaster. In addition, the same conditions that led to massive crash also made it difficult for local agencies to carry on emergency response operations.

Statement from Fort Worth Police and Fire department

The fire department of Fort Worth stated that over a hundred vehicles involved in the accident. Daniel Segura, an officer of the Fort Worth Police, said at a news conference that the scene of the massive accident crash extended about a mile. A spokesperson for MedStar Mobile Healthcare working with the Fort Worth Police & Fire Departments said that authorities took thirty-six people to hospitals. Besides, three of them were in condition and are treating under the intensive care unit.

Sixty-five other victims sought medical care from local hospitals throughout the day. A spokesperson for the Fire Department said that rescue crews had to use tow heavy trucks to separate them from cars. They were also going vehicle by vehicle to remove drivers and passengers from the wrecks. The Fort Worth Fire Department shared a photo on Twitter that showed vehicles pinned under a FedEx truck, and another showed firefighters pulling a dog from the wreckage to safety. The department urged travelers to seek alternate routes in a separate route.

Icy and silky roads contributing to the accidents

The police also set up a place for relatives to pick up and meet passengers and drivers involved in the crash. The chief of the Fort Worth Police Department, Neil Noakes, stated ice as the main factor at a news conference of the crashes, and it remains under investigation. In addtion, wintry weather conditions left the roads icy and silky, contributing to the accidents. According to the National Weather Service, temperatures were in the upper 20s on Thursday morning. The weather department also issued a winter weather advisory through noon for the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

Fort Worth 133-vehicle crash leaves at least 6 dead
Fort Worth 133-vehicle crash leaves at least 6 dead
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Condolences from Fort Worth Mayor

Betsy Price, the current mayor of Fort Worth, Texas, shares her sympathies and condolences for the victims and losses. She says that her heart is breaking for the community after the extent of the losses from today’s accident. Moreover, the community is pouring out support, and many of the citizens are asking for help. Fort Worth needs most is prayers – for the families, the victims, and the first responders. The officials will share updates in the coming days with more ways to support those in need during this difficult time.