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Fury vs Wilder Rematch: American believes Fury is Scared and Sleepless

Ahead of the clash of heavyweight division giants, Deontay Wilder believes his opponent Fury is scared and will be having sleepless nights before the rematch for the green belt scheduled a week later.

The two will enter the Las Vegas ring on Feb 22, 2020 as the American will look to defend WBC championship. The pair last time had a faceoff in Dec 2018 but the fight ended in a controversial draw with Wilder managing to knockdown Fury twice but the veteran was not ready to gave up and believed he outboxed him.

“When you get knocked down by someone, you never forget it or how they did it,” said Wilder, 34.

Having a media talk on Tuesday, the boxer added: “Deep down I feel he’s nervous, very nervous from what happened the first time. When you go in there for a second time it has to be stressful and you definitely can’t sleep at night. He’s worried and I don’t think his confidence is that high because of the state I left him in before. I gave this man concussion and it will happen again because the head is not meant to be hit, especially by the power of Deontay Wilder, so he had a lot to think about.”

Both men are tied on head to head as the Los Angeles fight, 14 months ago was the only fight they had bad between them.

The Gypsy king last appeared against Sweden’s Otto Wallin and despite ending up with a deep cut over his eye won via a unanimous verdict.

Since the Wilder fight Fury as changed trainers and replaced Ben Davison to Javan “Sugar’ Hill Steward, the nephew of the late Emmanuel Steward, who has previously worked with Lennox Lewis and Wladimir Klitschko.

“Fury can say he beat me by a wide margin but he doesn’t believe that – that’s why he wants to change so many things,” said wilder in the press conference. “If he believed he won he wouldn’t have changed much – the next thing he is going to do is go to a spiritual advisor.

“Wallin had a game plan and executed it. That fight should’ve been stopped with a cut so deep and I look forward to re-cutting that eye. Once it’s open again and the blood is in his face I’m coming in for the kill. I don’t play around. I knocked him out the first time but I didn’t get it and I’m going to knock him out again,” he added.

The American holds WBC heavyweight belt since Jan 2015 and has since then defended the title 10 times and managed to level Muhammad Ali’s record who also defended the title on 10 occasion between 1974 and 1978.

The other major heavyweight title belts including WBA, WBO and IBF titles, are held by Anthony Joshua after he got them back from Andy Ruiz, the Mexican he lost to six months earlier.

Wilder who boasts 42 wins and one draw as a professional and had never faced the Britain, said: “I’m not worried about that coward, he barely got his titles back, never mind trying to step in the ring with the king.

“He never wanted to fight me. He has been out of the picture and no one is talking about him anymore,” the American slighting the Britain (AJ) said.

“The heavyweight division is one fire and it’s my job to keep it that way. It’s a tie-break with Muhammad Ali and I’m looking forward to setting some history on Feb 22. Fury has pillow-esque fists. After the first fight I didn’t feel sore. I took all of his punches. He’s just a big man who can move around the ring, his power is not there. The Gypsy King is going to be floored and he’s definitely not getting up,” concluded Wilder his tall talk.