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G-7 Countries Commit to Share 1 billion Vaccine Doses Globally

The Group of Seven countries committed to sharing at least one billion Coronavirus shots with other countries of the world

The Group of Seven countries committed to sharing at least one billion COVID-19 shots with other nations of the world, according to the Thursday announcement of the U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Among those doses, half will come from the United States and a hundred million from the United Kingdom. U.S. President Joe Biden urged his allies to join in speeding the end of the outbreak and boosting the strategic position of the wealthiest countries of the world.

According to the announcement of Johnson at the summit of G-7, leaders in England came hours after the American president committed to donating five hundred million coronavirus vaccine doses and previewed a mutual effort by the wealthiest economies to make vaccination broadly and speedily available all across the world. Biden says that they are going to help lead the world nations out of coronavirus pandemic working with their global allies.

Further, he adds that the G-7 countries also include Germany, Japan, Italy, France, and Canada. Biden’s own commitment was on top of the eighty million vaccine doses he already pledged to donate by the June end. On the other hand, the U.K. prime minister’s office announced that initial five million doses would share in the coming weeks, with the rest over the next year.

G-7 Leaders Faced Huge Pressure to Outline Their Global Vaccine Sharing Plans

Johnson states, referencing Biden’s campaign slogan, that, at the G-7 Summit, hopes that his fellow leaders will make similar pledges so that, together and organized, they can vaccinate the whole world by the 2022 end and build back world better from COVID-19. Earlier Thursday, Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, welcomed the American commitment and said Europe should go on the same lines. Further, he adds that his country would share at least thirty million doses worldwide by the 2021 end.

He said that he thinks the European Union should have at least the same level of ambition as the U.S. Macron adds that time was of the essence, saying it is almost more significant to say how many vaccine doses they deliver in July than making promises to be fulfilled in eighteen months from now. The leaders of G-7 faced increasing pressure to outline their vaccine sharing plans at the international level, especially as injustices in supply across the world have become more pronounced.

In the United States, there is a large vaccine stockpile, and the demand for jabs fell quickly in the last some weeks. Biden predicted the American vaccine doses and the overall G-& commitment would boost the international vaccination campaign, adding the United States doses come with no strings attached. Biden further said that their vaccine donations do not include pressure for potential concessions or favors. Instead, they are doing this to save lives and to end the deadly pandemic.

United States Commitment to Buy and Donate 500m Pfizer Doses

The United States committed to buy and donate five hundred million Pfizer vaccine doses for distribution through the international COVAX alliance to ninety-two lower-income nations, including the African Union, bringing the initial steady vaccine supply of mRNA COVID vaccine to the nations that need it most. A senior White House official said that the Pfizer deal came together with top priority in the last one month at the direction of the president both to be ready for the announcement at the G-7 and to meet critical needs overseas.

Further, the official who spoke on the condition of hiding his identity added that the Biden government was to apply the same war posture applied to the vaccination in the United States to its effort to share vaccines worldwide. According to the announcement of Biden, the administration will start shipping five hundred million United States-manufactured vaccines at the start of August, with the intention of distributing two hundred million by the year-end. Whereas the remaining three hundred million vaccine doses would ship in the 2022 first half.

G-7 Countries Commit to Share 1 billion Vaccine Doses Globally
G-7 Countries Commit to Share 1 billion Vaccine Doses Globally
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The U.S. health officials didn’t release the price tag for the vaccine doses, but now the U.S. is going to be the largest vaccine donor of COVAX along with its single largest funder with a $4 billion commitment. Moreover, the well-funded international alliance faced a slow start to its coronavirus vaccination campaign, as the wealthiest countries locked up billion of vaccine doses through agreements directly with the drug maker companies. While Biden’s move intends to ensure a significant amount of manufacturing capacity remains open to the richest countries.

European Commission Signed an Agreement to Buy 1.8 billion Pfizer Doses

Just last month, the European Commission signed a deal to acquire 1.8 billion Pfizer doses in the upcoming two years, a significant share of the upcoming production of the company – though the alliance reserved the right to donate some of its vaccine doses to COVAX. In addition, COVAX distributed only eighty-one million doses internationally and particularly in Africa, remain vaccine deserts.

White House said that the speedy distribution program fits a theme the president plans to hit frequently during his tour to Europe: Western countries, and not authoritarian states, can deliver the best for the rest of the world. Jake Sullivan, the United States national security adviser, told reporters on Wednesday that G-7 leaders are gathering around the idea to increase vaccine supply in several ways, including by nations sharing more of their own doses, helping to surge global vaccine manufacturing capacity, and doing something extraordinary across the chain of custody from the vaccine production to its injection in the developing world.

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