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G7 Warns Russia of Huge Costs if it Attacked Ukraine

Russia faces massive consequences and severe penalties if Russian President Vladimir Putin attacks Ukraine, the G-7 warned

G7 Warns Russia of Huge Consequences if it Invaded Ukraine

On Sunday, the Group of Seven countries (G7) warned that Russia faces massive costs and severe consequences if Russian President Vladimir Putin attacks Ukraine. United States intelligence evaluates that Russia could be planning a multi-front attack on Ukraine as soon as next year, involving over one hundred, seventy-five thousand troops. Furthermore, the Kremlin rejects its plans to attack and says Russophobia grips the West.

Moscow states that the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) threatens Russia and breaches its assurances as the downfall of the Soviet Union happened in 1991. The G7 delegates said they were unified in their criticism of military build-up Russia near Ukraine and requested Moscow to de-escalate. On Saturday evening, the Russian Embassy in London released a statement before the joint G-7 document, saying that the U.K.’s frequent use of Russian anger during the Liverpool meeting was misleading. And it was designed to build a cause for Group of Seven to help out.

Russia made several offers to NATO on ways to cut tensions. The G-7 platform could be a chance to discuss them. Putin determined lawfully binding security guarantees that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will not expand further east or place its weapons close to Russian territory; the United States repeatedly said no nation could bar Ukraine’s NATO hopes.

Russian Troops Posed no Threat Against Ukraine

In 2014 Russia took over the Black Sea headland of Crimea from Ukraine, urging the West to slap sanctions on Russia. On Sunday, the Kremlin said that Putin told Joe Biden that Russian troops posed no danger and that Moscow demonized for deploying troops across its own territory. Moscow said that Biden and Putin agreed to hold more dialogs.

G7 Warns Russia of Huge Costs if it Attacked Ukraine
G7 Warns Russia of Huge Costs if it Attacked Ukraine
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Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson of the Kremlin, said that there were very severe theoretical differences between the United States and Russia on the red lines of Moscow. in addition, Antony Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, said Russia couldn’t utilize its impact orbit over Ukraine. On Sunday, Peskov told NBC News in a post-conference interview that that is what Russia is claiming to assert.

If they let go with exemption, then the whole system that provides solidity prevents a war from running off is in danger. Moreover, the G7 comprises Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, France, and Germany, including representatives from the European Union.

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