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Gaza Ceasefire Agreed Upon by Israeli Forces & Palestinian Factions

Palestinian officials confirmed on Wednesday that a ceasefire had been reached between Israel and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza, following exchanges of fire that broke out after a Palestinian prisoner died in Israeli custody on Tuesday.

Israeli Military & Palestinian Groups Reach Ceasefire Deal in Gaza

After a night of Israeli air strikes on Gaza and the launch of rockets toward Israel in response to the death of hunger striker Khader Adnan in prison, Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups have reached a reciprocal and simultaneous ceasefire. The truce, which went into effect at 03:30 am (00:30 GMT), was facilitated through the joint efforts of Egyptian, United Nations officials, and Qatari, according to two sources cited by Reuters news agency on Wednesday. Both sides confirmed the news, ending the cycle of violence that has engulfed the region for the past few days.

The spokesperson for Islamic Jihad, Tareq Selmi, announced that the fighting had ceased by dawn on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Hamas released a statement on Wednesday stating they were discussing with Egyptian, Qatari, and U.N. officials to end Israeli aggression in Gaza. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh held talks with representatives from both nations and the U.N. to end Israel’s attacks. On Tuesday night, Israeli fighter jets and tanks targeted locations in Gaza, while Palestinian fighters retaliated by launching rockets into Israel. The violence was sparked by the death of Adnan, who had been on a hunger strike for 87 days in an Israeli jail.

Ceasefire in Gaza Reached to Prevent Escalation of the Israeli Attack

According to a Palestinian source who spoke with Al Jazeera Arabic, the ceasefire resulted from talks involving multiple parties to prevent the Israeli attack on Gaza from escalating. On Tuesday, several factions in Gaza, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, issued a joint statement stating that the rocket fire was an “initial response” to Adnan’s passing. Hamas also commended the Palestinian armed groups for their collaborative response to Khader Adnan’s death, per Al Jazeera Arabic.

The Israeli military reported that at least 30 rockets were launched from Gaza, with two landing in the small Israeli city of Sderot to the east of Gaza. As per Israel’s Magen David Adom emergency service, three individuals in the Sderot region were injured by shrapnel. Meanwhile, security sources and Palestinian eyewitnesses confirmed that Israeli air raids hit multiple locations in Gaza, one of the world’s most densely-populated areas with a population of over 2 million. Issam Adwan, a Gaza resident and journalist, refuted Israeli forces’ assertions that they had only targeted military installations and not civilians. Adwan reported hearing multiple explosions near his home.

According to Issam Adwan, who is a Gaza resident and journalist, Israeli warplanes have been targeting densely-populated areas with increasing frequency, despite Israeli authorities’ claims that they are only targeting Hamas military sites. Earlier on Tuesday, the European Union foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, met with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen in Brussels and urged Israel to cease any unilateral actions that could heighten tensions further and undermine the prospects for a just and endurable truce based on a two-state solution. The E.U. foreign service confirmed Borrell’s statement.

Protests in Hebron over Adnan’s Death

Gaza Ceasefire Agreed Upon by Israeli Forces & Palestinian Factions
Gaza Ceasefire Agreed Upon by Israeli Forces & Palestinian Factions
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Following the news of Adnan’s death, a general strike was observed by shops in the West Bank city of Hebron as a mark of mourning. Some protesters in the area burned tires and threw stones at Israeli soldiers, who retaliated by firing tear gas and rubber bullets. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. Adnan, arrested 12 times, spent around eight years in Israeli prisons, mostly under “administrative detention.” This term is used when Israeli authorities detain Palestinians in jail for renewable six-month intervals without pressing charges or conducting a trial. Since 2011, Adnan has conducted three hunger strikes at least to protest against his detention without charges by Israeli forces.

Adnan, aged 45, was a father of nine and worked as a baker in Jenin, a city in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. According to Adnan’s lawyer, Jamil Al-Khatib, and the doctor from a human rights group who recently visited Adnan in prison, Israeli authorities failed to provide him with the necessary medical treatment. Al-Khatib stated that they demanded Adnan be moved to a civilian hospital for proper medical care, but Israeli authorities rejected their request.

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