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George Floyd First Death Anniversary and Moments of Silence

Musical Performance and Moments of Silence Held on Tuesday on George Floyd's first Death Anniversary

Musical performance, moments of silence, and a family-friendly street festival held on Tuesday to honor late George Floyd and mark the year since his death under the Minneapolis police custody. His death spurred the racial justice moment across the United States and continues to bring calls for change. Bridgett Floyd, the sister of George, held a moment of silence along with other family members at a Celebration of Life Event at a midtown Minneapolis park that included food trucks, music, a vacation stand, and a bouncy inflatable house. Derek Chauvin, the police officer who killed Floyd found Guilty of Killing him.

A few miles away, at the place of the intersection where Floyd died, several people kneeled around a steel fist sculpture for many minutes – symbolizing the nine minutes, twenty-nine seconds during which Floyd pinned down. Bridget Floyd told the crowd downtown that it had been a troubling and long year. But together, people made it – the love is here, George is here.

Other family members of George Floyd met in Washington with U.S. President Joe Biden and U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, who advised Congress to instantly pass a law in Floyd’s name that would bring positive changes to policing. People gather in New York to held a moment of silence, while others held a rally in Los Angeles. A rally also took place in Germany, Spain, and Greece.

A Suspect shot a Gunfire Near George Floyd Square

A few hours before the Minneapolis honoring moments and festivities, gunfire disrupted the Floyd square. According to police officials, a probable wounded man, injured in the shooting, approached a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound. (https://blogs.20minutos.es/) He was in critical condition, but doctors give hope for his survival. The police don’t make any immediate arrests.

A reporter at Associated Press Global Media Services, Philip Crowther, who provides the live video coverage, reported hearing as more as thirty gunshots about a block from the intersection. Gunshots also broke the storefront window. But things go back to normal very quickly. Many people were nearby Chicago Avenue and 38th Street shortly after 10:00 am local time when the public and reporters reported shots fired in the area.

John Elder, the spokesman of the Minneapolis Police Department, told Fox News that according to the information from the callers, the suspect last seen leaving the place speedily. Afterward, somebody took him or herself to a local hospital for treatment. Shots captured in a live news segment filmed within the square at the time.

George Floyd First Death Anniversary and Moments of Silence
George Floyd First Death Anniversary and Moments of Silence
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Floyd’s Family Meet President Biden

Many members of the Floyd family, including Floyd’s ex-partner Roxie Washington, his daughter Gianna and his brother Philonise Floyd met with the United States president, Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other representatives. Philonise said the meeting with the president and vice president was great, calling Biden a genuine guy who always speaks from the heart.

After the Oval Office meeting, Floyd’s brother told reporters that it was a pleasure to meet with the officials. His family is thankful for what is going on in the parliament, and Floyd’s family wants George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to pass in the future. On the other hand, Biden released a statement on Twitter saying the Floyd family showed extraordinary courage over the last year, especially Gianna.

Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, tweeted that on the death anniversary of Floyd that the United States must face the reality of racism at home. By accepting and addressing the shortcomings honestly and openly, their nation lives up to the values that it stands for globally.

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