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Gun Control Laws Could Reach Senate by Week’s End

It's likely that US lawmakers will present a bipartisan package to control growing gun violence by the end of this week

Senate Would Vote on Gun Control Laws by Week’s End

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters Tuesday that the United States lawmakers could bring a bipartisan package strengthening gun control legislation to the floor of the Senate at the end of this week. Schumer said that the deal was something several believed was not possible some weeks ago, but Democratic leaders and GOP leaders said they would have to try.

Ten Democrats and the same number of Republicans agreed over the weekend to the agreement outline that, if enacted, would fund mental health services and school security while encouraging states to expand red-flag laws. Furthermore, Schumer noted that the deal would represent the most considerable congressional move toward a gun control bill, which executed a 5-day waiting duration on the sales of handguns twenty years ago.

Schumer said that the deal would increase background checks for individuals under twenty-one, help states with their red flags laws to stop mass shootings before they occur, and make it difficult for domestic violence to require a weapon by closing the boyfriend gap. Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that if the bill text reflects the framework, he will feel comfy voting for these new legislations.

Countrywide Mass Shootings

The move came together after recent mass shootings that took several American lives – most of them were young – with legally acquired, military-grade weapons. On Sunday, Joe Biden, the President of the United States, stated that the plan doesn’t do everything necessary. However, it reflects significant moves in the right direction and would be the most crucial gun safety bill to approve by Congress in decades.

Gun Control Laws Could Reach Senate by Week’s End
Gun Control Laws Could Reach Senate by Week’s End
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Karine Jean-Pierree, the Press Secretary of the White House, said on Monday that the framework would help President Biden honor his vow to parents in Uvalde, to do something practical after a shooter killed nineteen children and two teachers on 24th May inside an elementary school. However, the gun control pact doesn’t include the president’s call for a ban on the sale of rapid-fire assault weapons, usually the shooters’ choice weapon in the country.

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