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Harry and Meghan Interview plunges royal family into crisis

The United Kingdom’s royal family plunged into a once-in-a-generation crisis Monday, one day after Harry and Meghan blamed the royal family in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. They said that a royal raised concern about Archie’s skin color and that the child would not be made a prince. Moreover, the royal didn’t grant him security and a title.

Meghan told media tycoon Oprah Winfrey in an interview broadcast Sunday evening on United States TV network CBS that they raised concerns about the dark skin at his birth. Whereas Meghan is the biracial child of a white father and black mother. Asked about the claims later in the interview, Harry said the conversation had taken place early in his and his wife’s relationship. However, they didn’t disclose the name of the person who made a comment.

Over the course of the two-hour special interview, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – who despite their royal split still sit 5 numbers away from the power – painted a family’s picture so obstinately rooted in its ways that it left the bi-racial couple alone to keep away racist abuse as well as their troubled mental health, forcing them into pro-long silence and finally leaving them with no choice but to flee the clutches of the palace.

Meghan contemplated suicide

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, said that she felt lonely and isolated while working as a royal, and she contemplated suicide. She also revealed an overwhelming allegation of racism from a member of the royal family that threatens to throw its reputation into crisis. Meanwhile, Harry admitted his relations with his father, Prince Charles, heir to the throne, and his brother, Prince William come under severe strain in the last few years and suggested the institution may plant fake stories in the media that cast him and his wife in a negative light.

The royal palace faced storms on several fronts in London on Monday. Over the last few days, the media persistently previewed the interview and drew a comparison with a royal tell-all given by Princess Diana in 1995, which shed light on the failure of her marriage to Charles. However, the leaks in Sunday’s broadcast may shadow even those in magnitude, as the couple’s scorched-earth confessional posed crisis after crisis for senior royals and palace staffers.

Harry and Meghan Interview plunges royal family into crisis
Harry and Meghan Interview plunges royal family into crisis
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Possibly the most relevant was the allegation of Meghan that an anonymous family member asked about Archie’s skin color and what it would mean. She said Harry conveyed those talks. Harry also denied naming the family member but expressed his shocking behavior after the conversation. Winfrey clarifies on CBS that it was not his grandfather nor his grandmother that was part of that racial conversation. Kate Green, the shadow education secretary, demanded Buckingham Palace launch an investigation.

Breathless Reaction in the United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace remained silent hours after the couple’s interview broadcasted on Monday. However, the British media soared to cover the outcome, and even some newspapers started publishing extra interview early editions overnight to feature the interview on their front pages. The tabloid’s website included a prominent banner reading “I Wanted to Kill Myself.” Likewise, the Daily Mail ran a headline having text “Kate Made Me Cry” on its 02:00 am edition.

Furthermore, the Daily Express dismissed the interview as a self-serving Television chat with Oprah. At the same time, the Sun featured a new nickname for Meghan because of her rift with the British royal family: Megxile. Many journalists used U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s press conference in coronavirus to ask for his thoughts on the Oprah interview. Johnson declined to add words, apart from saying he’d always had the highest respect for the Queen and her role in the country.

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