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Hospitalizations amid Coronavirus Declined with No ICU Beds

Coronavirus hospitalizations drop in the United States, but over half of states have almost no ICU Beds free for new patients

A small fall in coronavirus cases across the United States barred speedy infections and hospitalizations that severely hit Southern states in the last some weeks, due to which intensive care units (ICU) had to bear crowded situations. According to the statistics from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), all over the country, almost 80.1 percent of ICU beds are unavailable due to admitted patients, and 27.18 percent of all ICU beds are occupied with coronavirus patients.

Moreover, according to HHS Saturday figures, in twenty-nine states of the U.S., almost eighty percent of ICU beds filled with patients – the same data as one week before but with the addition of Washington, D.C. Six states such as Georgia, Idaho, Alaska, Kentucky, Texas, and Arkansas, had ninety percent of their ICU beds filled on Saturday. However, two states such as Alaska (fourteen percent) and Wyoming (fifteen percent), marked a double-digit increase in their share of occupied ICU beds.

According to the latest data of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the countrywide 7-day average of daily new COVID-19 cases last Thursday was around eighteen percent less, from 117066 to 142885 new cases in one week. However, Alaska recorded nine hundred and seventy-two new virus cases per one hundred thousand cases during seven days. Additionally, the states with the highest number of coronavirus cases per capita are Kentucky (544), Montana (592), Wyoming (675), and West Virginia (682).

New Vaccine Shots Administered Daily Dropped in the U.S.

According to the figures from Our World in Data and the CDC, around 688000 Americans died of coronavirus in the United States, and the country is marked with the most deaths and highest death rate of any nation. During the last week, around 11168 Americans died in the country, including 2112 Americans in Texas alone, the CDC reported. On the other hand, in Georgia, nine hundred and one residents died during the last seven days and many hundred Americans each in Ohio, Arizona, Louisiana, and South Carolina.

Hospitalizations amid Coronavirus Declined with No ICU Beds
Hospitalizations amid Coronavirus Declined with No ICU Beds
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The surge in the more contagious delta variant of the virus and fewer people receiving vaccination shots helped coronavirus cases rise during July and August. Furthermore, new deaths, which paused new cases by up to some weeks, rose through September. The number of new COVID-19 vaccine shots administered daily declined extremely after peaking in mid-April. In addition, as per the latest data, fifty-five percent of the American population received full vaccination, putting it below other rich nations, including the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, and France.

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