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House Approves Bill to Protect Contraception from SC

On Thursday, the Democratic leaders pushed a move through the House to enrich the right to use contraceptives

House Approves Legislation to Protect Contraception from SC

On Thursday, Democrats pushed the move through the House to protect the right to use contraceptives in law. It was their latest campaign-season response to concerns that a conventional Supreme Court that previously removed federal abortion rights could go further. However, the 228-195 roll call of the House was mainly along party lines and sent the move to the United States Senate, where it appeared doomed.

Furthermore, the bill is the recent example of Democratic leaders latching onto their culture war fights version to request female, minority, and progressive voters by casting the court and GOP leaders as activists intent on eradicating rights taken for granted for some years. According to Democrats, after the decision from the high court to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision from 1973, the Republican lawmakers and justices are on track to go even more than prohibiting abortions.

Representative Kathy Manning, who led the bill, said that this extremism is about one thing: control of women, and they will not let this happen. However, all of the legislation’s approximately one hundred and fifty co-sponsors are Democratic leaders. Girls and women all over the United States want to know that lawmakers are willing to stand up for them.

What are the rights approved in the bill?

Last month, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote his opinion reversing Roe that the court shouldn’t review other precedents. Moreover, Thomas mentioned judgments that asserted the rights of married couples’ use of contraceptives in 1965, the 2015 rights of same-sex marriage, and same-sex intimate relationships in 2003. However, he didn’t highlight a 1972 decision that also permitted the use of contraceptives by unmarried individuals.

House Approves Bill to Protect Contraception from SC
House Approves Bill to Protect Contraception from US Supreme Court
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GOP lawmakers said the bill went too far and would lead to further abortions, which supporters deny, push health care providers to offer contraceptives, and allow the use of drugs not entirely approved by the U.S. FDA, even if that conflicted with their religious beliefs. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers said that women deserve the truth, not further misinformation and fear that forces a risky agenda on the American people.

Democratic lawmakers in the House started pushing votes on many issues regarding privacy rights, hoping for long-shot successes and force GOP leaders from competitive districts into tough spots. Last week, the House voted to restore a countrywide right to abortion, with all GOP leaders voting against it and voting along party lines to block prosecuting women traveling to states where abortion is still legal.

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