Home Updates House republicans declared to restart Construction Border wall after mid-election win

House republicans declared to restart Construction Border wall after mid-election win

House Republicans Declared to restart constructing the border wall along the US-Mexico border if they won the midterm elections

House GOP leaders announced to restart constructing the border wall along the United States-Mexico border if they won the midterm elections and took control of the House, according to the Washington Examiner. Joe Bide, the American President, stopped constructing new sections of the border wall, one of the major projects of the former president Donald Trump.

The republican leaders seemingly plan to make the U.S. border wall a top campaign issue for the midterm election in 2022. Recently, the matter has become a significant concern among voters as a huge number of unaccompanied immigrants swarmed across the America-Mexico border seeking asylum after Joe Biden became president.

Moreover, a recent poll of Fox News with one thousand registered voters found that forty-six percent of respondents believe the border situation worsens under the Biden government that the former administration, while only fifteen percent voted it as better. Among those surveyed people, fifty-six percent said they believe Biden is mostly or entirely responsible for the instant rise in illegal border immigration.

Encouraging GOP leaders even more, to stress the current situation on the southern border of the country as a major campaign issue for the 2022 midterm elections is the fact that the poll also revealed that Biden received his worst performance ratings on border crisis and immigration.

Just thirty-four percent of surveyed people approve his performance on migration, with fifty-two percent disapproving, while there are almost identical numbers about the border security (fifty-one percent disapprove, thirty-five percent approve).

House republicans announced to restart Construction Border wall after win

Secure the Southern Border using any Possible Tool

According to the Washington Examiner, Liz Cheney, the House Conference Committee Chairwoman, said at the Republican problems withdrawal in Orlando that she thinks a need to look at every possible aspect and tool to secure the U.S. southern border. The security of the border includes the wall, and also technology, and the need for more agreements where individuals who are seeking asylum stay in Mexico.

The approval of Cheney to restart constructing a wall on the border is significant because she stands among the most vocal GOP leaders to oppose the involvement of Trump in party politics. Additionally, Cheney voted to impeach Donald Trump in January because the former president provoked an insurgence in the Capitol riot in January.

Moreover, the viewpoint of Cheney illustrates that all the Republican House leaders, even those that don’t support Trump, agree that his project of constructing the border wall was an effective approach to help control the surge in illegal border crossings and recommends for its resume.

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