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Hurricane Ida’s Death Toll Continued to Rise

The death toll of Ida continued to rise, with several in the US Northeast still have the hope for residents missing in the floodwaters while 600,000 people still lack power

The death toll of hurricane Ida continued to rise on Sunday, with several in the United States Northeast still have the hope for residents missing in the dangerous floodwaters. On the other side, six hundred thousand customers in Louisiana are facing power lack one week after the storm made landfall. On 29th August, Ida hit Louisiana as a powerful Category Four hurricane with continued winds of one hundred and fifty miles per hour. According to the latest figures on Sunday, thirteen people died there.

The Sunday’s updated numbers revealed that the storm waned as it moved north but became a source of flash flooding on the East Coast of the country that eventually killed around fifty more people. 3.1. inches per hour, the record-breaking rainfall of hurricane, recorded in Central Park of New York City, sent walls of water flowing through public transportation systems, businesses, and twelve hundred homes that caused over fifty million dollars in damage, according to the statistics of New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

President Biden Approved an Emergency Declaration

Hochul previously announced an emergency disaster declaration from U.S. President Biden and signed documents on Sunday to demand related national funds to build temporary houses along with rebuilding homes, likely in less flood-prone locations. Furthermore, the spokesman of the governor said that suburban Westchester County confirmed four deaths, seventeen in New York and the remaining in New York City, where approximately all the victims were trapped in illegal basement apartments, the spokesman of the governor said.

Biden tweeted that he saw the aftermath of Ida and will meet local and state leaders from the impacted areas. He also assured full support of the Federal government for the affected communities to assist as needed. Yesterday the president also announced a disaster helpline and a website and urged people to utilize them for help.

A spokesman for Governor Phil Murphy said that in New Jersey, twenty-seven people died due to the storm, and four people are still missing. Among the missing people, two were college students last seen on Wednesday in Passaic, New Jersey, as the historic flood of Ida swept them in the Passaic River.

Hurricane Ida's Death Toll Continued to Rise with Several Lack Power
Hurricane Ida’s Death Toll Continued to Rise with Several People Lack Power
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24 Hours Rescue Operations

On Sunday, twelve boats searched the river as part of the rescue operations, and rescue teams foreseeing specialized high-resolution sonar to help their search on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the statement of the Passaic fire department. Hurricane also paralyzed United States Gulf of Mexico oil production, and eighty-eight percent of crude oil output and eighty-three percent of natural gas production sustained suspended as of Sunday.

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