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IAEA Confirms Presence at Ukraine’s Nuclear Facility

The head of IAEA said he and his squad visited the Zaporizhzhia nuclear facility in Ukraine and weren't surprised by anything

IAEA Confirms Presence at Ukrainian Nuclear Plant

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General, Rafael Mariano Grossi, tweeted that nuclear safety officials conducted an initial inspection at the Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia nuclear facility and vowed to maintain a “continued presence” there. Although reports of intense shelling around Zaporizhzhia by Russia and Ukraine fueled fears of a nuclear disaster, nuclear safety officials eventually reached the plant.

Moments after landing in Vienna, Rafael Mariano Grossi told reporters that he was concerned with the physical integrity of the building – particularly the power supply and the staff. A physical presence at the facility is significant to the IAEA, according to him. However, he explained that they were stabilizing, reviewing safety, security, and safeguards, believing that this would impact what generally happens if done right.

Grossi led a team of 13 people, six remaining in Zaporizhzhia. He said that two would remain until hostilities ceased, making a tremendous difference in the war. Grossi said they would inform us if something happened or if any limitations came into effect.

Shelling Near Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Facility

Russian forces have occupied the plant since early March; shelling has been there since August. Both sides blame each other. This part of the nation is witnessing increased military activity and operations, which worries Grossi greatly. While the facility remains under tense conditions, Ukrainian engineers continue to operate it.

Grossi explained that the Russians had a strong sense of withdrawal during his visit. “They learned from their Ukrainian counterparts that the Russians generally work with their Ukrainian counterparts on technical matters.” So it is not an easy situation, and it’s very stressful.” During fighting between Russians and Ukrainians, the IAEA team of experts inspected the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant on Thursday.

IAEA Confirms Presence at Ukraine's Nuclear Facility
IAEA Confirms Presence at Ukraine’s Nuclear Facility
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During the latest interview with a news agency, the nuclear watchdog head said that he hopes his team’s presence at the plant will deter anyone with “intentions” to harm the facility. The fact that international inspectors are there observing and reporting instantly what is happening, he believes, has an inherent, very significant stabilizing effect,” he added.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the Ukrainian parliament Thursday that “Ukraine did everything it could to facilitate this mission.” However, according to him, the occupiers will be able to contain the IAEA team from becoming an unproductive tour of the facility. I believe this will not happen.”

Taking all Necessary Safety Precautions

Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, said Russia expects UN inspectors to present impartial opinions. “All measures are being retaken to assure that the nuclear facility is secure, that it runs safely, and that the inspection team achieves its goals at the facility,” he said. However, leaders worldwide have expressed concern that the nuclear plant could be damaged in the war zone, resulting in another radiation disaster like the 1986 disaster at Ukraine’s Chornobyl nuclear power plant.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, reiterated his request Wednesday as part of his call for Russia to fully demilitarize the area around the nuclear power plant. Borrell said: “They are playing games with nuclear security.” “It is not acceptable to play war games near a site like this.”

Even though Russian forces seized the plant in March, Ukrainian workers continue to run it. The Russian defense ministry has made this accusation. The Russian government states that “measures have been taken to destroy the enemy, including using army aviation.”

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