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If Taliban Take Power by Force US will Isolate Them

The United States warned that if the Taliban takes power by force in Afghanistan, their government won’t be recognized internationally.

On Tuesday, a United States peace diplomat warned that if the Taliban takes power by force in Afghanistan, the U.S. will isolate them. As a result, the international community won’t recognize the Taliban government, while on the other hand, a series of cities fell to the Taliban in stunningly rapid succession. The United States envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, traveled to Doha to tell the Taliban group that there was no point in pursuing success on the battleground because a military seizure of Kabul would guarantee they would be international pariahs.

Khalilzad and others hope to urge Taliban leaders to return to peace dialogs with the Afghan government as the United States, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces finish their withdrawal from Afghanistan. Taliban captured six out of thirty-four provincial capitals in Afghanistan in less than a week. They also captured Kunduz – one of the largest cities in the country. On Sunday, the insurgents planted their flag in the main square, but Afghan government forces still controlled the strategic airport and also an army base on the borders of the city.

Taliban Group Captured Kunduz City

Now Taliban are combating the Western-backed government for control of many others. Later, on Tuesday, the insurgent group proceed towards Farah and make their presence at the front of the provisional governor’s office. Zabiullah Mujahed, the spokesperson of the Taliban, tweeted that the group captured the control of Kunduz city – the capital of the province Kunduz. However, a representative from the area in Kabul, Abdul Naser Farahi, said that the government still has control of the intelligence department, including a military base.

After the twenty-year combat mission of United States forces and its allies and billions of dollars spent on the training and bolster Afghan forces, many experts are arguing why the Afghan forces collapsed against the Taliban. Furthermore, the success of insurgents added urgency for the need to resume the long-hindered peace talks that could end the aggression and move the country toward a wide-ranging acting administration. But, so far, the Taliban refused to return to the negotiation table.

State Department is Considering Withdrawal of Embassy Members in Kabul

According to the United States State Department, the mission of Khalilzad in Qatar is to help establish a joint global response to the instantly worsening situation in Afghanistan. Khalilzad plans to urge the insurgent group to stop their offensive operations and came to the political negotiation table. However, the department is considering the withdrawal of the U.S. Embassy members in Kabul after the continuous insurgence of more cities and districts from the Taliban forces.

If Taliban Take Power by Force US will Isolate Them
If Taliban Take Power by Force US will Isolate Them
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Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations (UN) human rights chief, said that her office recorded at least one hundred and eighty-three deaths and several injuries among civilians in recent weeks – but also signaled that the real numbers would be much higher than this. Likewise, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) stated that its workers treated over four thousand Afghan people this month in their fifteen facilities all over the country, including in Kandahar and Helmand, where Afghan and the United States airstrikes are trying to target Taliban forces.

Senior Afghan Officials such as Abdullah Abdullah also traveled to Doha for urging the Taliban to peace talks. The surge in the attacks of the Taliban started in April when the United States and NATO announced to end their combat operation in Afghanistan and decided to bring the remaining troops home. Whereas the Central Command of the U.S. said that they completed around ninety-five percent of the pullout.

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