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Immigration policy may drove migrants surge – Roberta Jacobson

Roberta Jacobson, Southern Border Coordinator, says that it was not an accident border crossing attempts spiked after Joe Biden took office. Asked if migrant surges at the American border might link to Biden’s reversing of Trump’s administration border policies, he added: the country previously seen surges. Moreover, these surges tend to respond to hope, and there was a momentous hope for a more humane policy after constrained demand of four years.

Jacobson adds hope for the more humane policy after four consecutive years of demand, so she is unsure to call it a coincidence. She was addressing the daily White House briefing with the reporters. However, the idea that a more humane policy would need to drive more people to make that decision, but possibly, more significantly, it absolutely drove smugglers to prompt disinformation, spread propaganda about what was now possible.

Jacobson, the former ambassador to Mexico from 2016 to 2018 and now serving as special assistant to Biden, says that smugglers or coyotes are known to lure immigrants across the border, promising few aftermaths. In addition, she says that the White House is trying to balance better messaging and policies. The United States is trying to convey to all countries in the region that it will have legal processes in the future. She adds in Spanish; the border is not open.

Biden has plans to restart the Central American Minors Program

Jacobson said that with a $4 billion aid plan, the president hoped to handle immigration at its root causes, working to make Latin American countries prosperous and safer. The external assistance package request will ask for the aid amount. In addition, the southern border coordinator adds that the American President has plans to resume the Central American Minors program. This program allows minors in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to apply for refugee settlement in the United States from their home countries.

Immigration policy may drove migrants surge on border – Jacobson
Immigration policy may drove migrants surge on U.S. border – Jacobson
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The massive number of immigrants suggests the surge in migrants’ risks turning into a tidal wave by the time when peak migration season hits later this year. In the border crisis of 2019, the immigrant’s height was in May with one lac and forty-four thousand migrants. Whereas in January of the same year, apprehensions were at fifty-seven thousand and seventy-six thousand in February.

The Biden government ended policies such as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which kept immigrants south of the border while coming up for their hearings – along with asylum pacts with Northern Triangle countries. Moreover, it narrowed Immigration and Customs Enforcement priorities for arrests and deportations. However, Title 42, introduced by the Trump administration amid the COVID-19 pandemic, remains in place. It allowed for the instant exclusion of migrants at the border under the public health emergency policy.

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