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Pakistan PM Imran Khan Paints his Country as Victim of US Ungratefulness

Imran Khan aimed to cast Pakistan as the victim of U.S. ungratefulness and an international double standard

Imran Khan Niazi, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, aimed to cast Pakistan as the victim of United States ungratefulness and a global double standard in his speech at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. In a taped speech, Niazi discussed several topics that included global Islamophobia, climate change, and the plunder of the developing countries by their corrupt elites.

Khan reserved the Indian government with the harshest words and labeled the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi government as a Hindu nationalist government fascist. However, the political party PTI’s leader painted the U.S. as an abandoner of both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Khan said that for the current circumstances in the neighboring country of Pakistan, where the Taliban announced an interim government, some politicians in the U.S. and Europe blamed Pakistan for the turn of events in the country.

Further, he added that Pakistan suffered the most when it joined the United States war on terror in Afghanistan after 9/11. Khan launched into a narrative that started with the U.S. and Pakistan training mujahedeen – stared as heroes by the likes of then-U.S. President Ronald Reagan, he said – during the Soviet occupation and rule in Afghanistan. However, the PM said that his country left to pick up the pieces in the form of new sectarian militant groups and millions of refugees – when the Americans and the Soviets left in 1989.

Pakistan Cost 80000 Pakistani Lives in the U.S. War against Terror

Imran Khan said that the United States sanctioned its former ally (Pakistan) one year later =then came calling again after the 2001 attacks. He said Pakistan aided the U.S. with eighty thousand Pakistani lives, and its support caused internal conflict and opposition directed at the state, all while the United States conducted drone attacks. In the end, Pakistan hears this from the U.S.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan Paints his Country as Victim of US Ungratefulness
Pakistan PM Imran Khan Paints his Country as Victim of US Ungratefulness
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Additionally, he said that there is a lot of worry in the United States about taking care of the Afghan interpreters and everybody who helped America during its stay in Afghanistan. Nobody is thinking about Pakistan, but unfortunately, Pakistan received blame instead of mere.

Despite his intention and desire to support and back peace, several Afghans blamed Pakistan for the resurgence of the Taliban in the country because of close ties. In August, the United Nations (UN) also rejected the request of Pakistan to give its side at a special meeting on Afghanistan, demonstrating the shared doubt of the international community.

Khan also echoed his Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi that he told the Associated Press earlier this week on the sidelines at the United Nations: the international community shouldn’t isolate the Taliban but instead strengthen the present Afghan government for the sake of the residents.

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