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Iraqi Court issues arrest warrant for President Trump

A judge in the investigative court of Baghdad issued an arrest warrant for outgoing United States President Donald Trump, over the killing of a top Iraqi paramilitary leader. The deputy head, mainly the pro-Iran Hashed al-Shaabi paramilitary network of Iraq, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, died in the same United States drone strike that killed storied Soleimani at Baghdad airport on 3rd January last year.

Donald Trump ordered the strike on their demonstration, who later crowed that it had taken two men for the price of one. Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council confirmed in a statement that an arrest warrant against the outgoing President of the United States, Trump, issued in compliance with the provisions of Article 406 of the Iraqi Penal Code.

The statement added that the investigation procedures of the case would continue to elaborate on the other members in the execution of this crime, whether they are foreigners or Iraqis. The Popular Mobilization Forces are made up of former militias with close relations with Iran and basically a Shia paramilitary force. It recognized under the 2016 law of Iraq as an independent military force that answers directly to the country’s prime minister.

Iran also has an arrest warrant out for the outgoing American President in relation to the death of Soleimani, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Monday. Soleimani was the actual planner of a growing Iranian military presence in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria as the leader of the Quds Force of the Iran Revolutionary Guard, an elite unit that handles the overseas operations of Iran.

Operation done for taking out two for the price of one

However, the United States considered it a foreign terrorist organization. The American described the operation as taking out two for the price of one, at a fundraising dinner in Florida shortly after the strike. Trump described Soleimani as a noted terrorist who supposed to in his country but didn’t describe an imminent threat that became the cause for the strike authorization – the explanation given by administration officials in the outcome of the attack.

Iraqi Court issues arrest warrant for President Trump
Iraqi Court issues arrest warrant for President Trump
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Ali Alqasi Mehr, the attorney general of Tehran, claimed that Trump would prosecute after the end of his term, Fars reported. A big crowd gathered in Baghdad last week close to midnight for a memorial service at the site where the drone strike killed general Soleimani and al-Muhandis one year ago. The PMF broadcasted images showed a crowd of people to lit the area with candles, where tributes broadcast on loudspeakers and attendees sang, Allah is great, America is the great Satan.

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