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Israel New Plan is not to Solve the Palestinian Conflict

The new plan of Israel is to 'shrink,' not solve, the Palestinian conflict; there is almost no accord on the most disruptive issue

The new government of Israeli collapsed long-serving Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister this summer, is full of conflicts. There are pro-settlement right-wingers, no pro-peace left-wingers, practical centrists, and even for the first time an Arab Islamist party, all sitting together in one governing alliance.

There is almost no accord on the most disruptive matter – the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is just how Micah Goodman likes it. A political philosopher, Goodman flew to public fame in Israel and beyond for his contrarian thesis on how to sort out prolong the conflict.

Several people called him the court philosopher of Naftali Bennett, the Prime Minister, an ultra-nationalist ex-settlement leader, who publicly embraced Goodman’s example of shrinking the conflict. However, other leftist and mainstream ministers have also come calling. Even the Biden government apparently assumed what Goodman calls his pragmatic and less conceptual approach.

Moreover, the White House remains devoted to a two-nation solution; Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, said that the instant priority was to rebuild trust between Palestinians and Israelis in May. Goodman himself confused with the recent interest from diplomats, politicians, and generals. Earlier in his career, Goodman wrote books evaluating ancient Jewish texts, which he says was exactly the accurate training for tackling a conflict as combative as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel Started Issuing 15000 New Work Permits for Palestinians

In recent weeks, Israel started to issuing fifteen thousand new work permits inside Israel for Palestinians, floating the Palestinian Authority a five hundred million dollars loan, re-establishing Joint Economic Committees (JEC) to discuss upcoming projects, allowing reunification such as legal status for Palestinian spouses in the West Bank, and preliminary approving two thousand new housing units for Palestinian people in the part of the West Bank under full Israeli control.

Last week, one senior official told CNN that they intended to make every effort to shrink the conflict and start shaping the solution, starting with economics and infrastructure. Still, the more extensive measures outlined above are tremendously unlikely given the make-up of the present Israeli alliance. However, it doesn’t discourage Goodman in his mind; it only boosts his thesis.

Israel New Plan is not to Solve the Palestinian Conflict
Israel New Plan is not to Solve the Palestinian Conflict
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Goodman says that there is no harmony in the government about the end game, but they can reach an agreement about the game. Further, he adds that it is the entire approach of this government on all issues. The significant thing is to agree on the action instead of on the narrative spreading across it. Critics of Goodman from both the left and the right are not as optimistic.

For the right, the moves he is raising likely run an advanced security risk than he appreciates, and in any case, misses the higher point. The left doesn’t see too much new in the thesis of Goodman and, at worst, is doubtful that reducing the conflict is the similar approach adopted previously by the Israeli right – economic peace or managing the conflict – only rebranded.

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