Home Updates Israeli Forces Bombed a Gaza Refugee Camp’ House

Israeli Forces Bombed a Gaza Refugee Camp’ House

Israeli Forces Bombed a Gaza Refugee Camp’ House and news agencies offices killing two and several injured

Israeli forces hit a house in Gaza with airstrikes where a family gathered to celebrate the holy last moments of the Islamic holy month Ramadan, and an office with international media journalists as a new spell of Hamas missiles rained down on Tel Aviv. The recent cruel attacks from Israel increased the fears that a cutback of the conflict might soon be out of reach.

The targeted building of Jala contained offices for the Associated Press and Al Jazeera, among some other international media outlets, marking the latest increase in violence that spread across the Palestinian territories and Israel this week – the bloodiest of the conflict in last some years. Israel initiated more dreadful airstrikes on Gaza overnight, with Hamas’s strike back with missiles on Saturday.

Furthermore, Israelian airstrikes on Gaza killed two innocent Palestinians and injured twenty-five others on Sunday morning. According to Ashraf al-Qudra, the spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry, many of the wounded people are children and women. Civil defense and medical teams rescued five alive children from under the debris of the house, and luckily, they are now at the hospital in stable condition. Further, he adds that the numbers will possibly rise as rescue operations continue.

Total Death Toll of Palestine

After the recent causalities of Palestinian Muslims, the death toll in Gaza mount to a total of one hundred and forty-seven, including almost forty-one children and twenty-three women, according to the statistics of CNN from the ministry. Since starting the airstrikes on Gaza this week, around 1130 people injured from the attacks, the ministry statistics showed. Whereas mob and rioting violence between Jews and Arabs spoiled towns and cities throughout Israel.

Israeli Forces Bombed a Gaza Refugee Camp’ House
Israeli Forces Bombed a Gaza Refugee Camp’ House & news offices Source: Web

Hamas fired several retaliate missiles toward the city of Ashdod and Tel Aviv on Saturday, with Al-Qassam Brigades. Israelian forces killed a fifty-year-old man on early Saturday afternoon after a rocket hit several buildings in a residential area in a Tel Aviv suburb named Ramat Gan, bringing the total death toll of Israel to ten, according to the emergency service of Israel.

António Guterres, the United Nations Secretary-General, stated that he felt disheartened after listening about the increasing number of civilian causalities. Additionally, he reminds all sides that any undiscriminating targeting of Muslim civilian and media structures violates global law and must be avoided at all costs. The Israelian Airforce stated on the Jala’s building strike that Israeli fighter jets targeted a building housing Hamas military intelligence assets and using the press outlets as shields.

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