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Israeli Prime Minister Vows to Continue Attacks on Gaza

Israel Vows to Continue Attacks on Gaza as Israel Hits Hamas Targets

The Israeli military hit Gaza with several airstrikes yesterday, saying that it was targeting the infrastructure and homes of Palestinian fighting group Hamas, like Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israelian Prime Minister, vowed to continue to target Palestinians through airstrikes.

According to the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry, Israelian airstrikes killed almost 212 people and fourteen hundred others injured since terrorism from the state started last week, which become the most severe Israel-Palestine conflict during the last few years. Around sixty-one children and thirty-six women are among the dead due to the attacks.

Whereas according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), since the start of the confrontation, Hamas fired a rocket from Gaza that killed ten people in Israel, including two children. On Monday, the latest bombardment of rockets from Gaza once again begin alarms and sent Israelis fleeing into bomb shelters in Beer Sheva, Ashdod, and Ashkelon.

ACCORDING TO THE ISRAELI RED CROSS, the IDF said the rocket attacks hit one residential building in Ashdod, and three people were slightly hurt. On Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces released photos claiming to show installations of Hamas rocket and tunnel entrances placed nearby civilian infrastructures such as schools and hospitals. Furthermore, the IDF said that Hamas systematically and intentionally places military targets within the civilian population, exposing their people to danger.

Attacks hit a Health Clinic

Several Israelian jets bombed over nine miles of tunnel system of Hamas in Gaza and targeted fourteen military residences on Monday that the Israelian military said belonged to commanders from Hamas. Whereas Hamas officials showed a damaged Gaza health clinic in a video because of an Israelian terrorist airstrike attack due to its windows blown out. The Health Ministry in Gaza said the clinic was one of its main COVID-19 testing centers.

According to a CNN journalist on the incident, around two floors of the neighboring building that Israelian strikes on medical facilities, infrastructure and homes created the conditions for an upcoming new wave of coronavirus cases, and those feeling to housings would expose to the spread of COVID-19 diseases, specifically the danger of the spread of the infectious disease.

Israeli Prime Minister met with leaders from the IDF and the security services of the country, saying in a video statement that the Israel Defense Forces was doing well. Additionally, the IDF removed senior Islamic Jihad commander and hit Hamas naval unit, and they intended to continue to strike at the underground medium, the Hamas metro, and there are other targets.

The Palestinian Health Ministry Authority in the West Bank condemned the attack on the tunnel system and stated that its local administrative office damaged by the strike. Meanwhile, it was unclear if there were any fatalities in the strike, nor the actual target of IDF.

Israel Hit more Targets in Gaza in the Past Week than it did in all of 2020

Earlier the Israelian military said that it had hit more targets during the last week than it did in all of last year. IDF spokesman, Brigadier General Hidai Zilberman, told Israelian Channel 13 News that the defense forces of Israel believe it destroyed about eighty to ninety percent of the rocket manufacturing capacity in Gaza. It includes the developers and engineers as well.

Last Monday, Gaza Israeli-occupied territory fired around three thousand, one hundred and fifty rockets, though the Israeli military said many of the rockets either fallen short or the Iron Dome aerial defense system intercept them.

Israel Vows to Continue Attacks on Gaza
Israel Vows to Continue Attacks on Gaza
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Call for Ceasefire

According to the United Nations, the confrontation leftover twenty-five hundred Palestinians without homes and over thirty-eight thousand internally displaced. Many of them are sheltering in sixteen schools run by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, said a spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, Stéphane Dujarric.

During the emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council, António Guterres pleaded for peace in case a humanitarian and uncountable security crisis blow up that would further foster extremism in the Palestinian territories, Israel, and the region writ large. Moreover, the United States continued to block the United Nations Security Council from making a statement on the conflict.

However, Joe Biden, the U.S. President, expressed support for a truce Monday during a phone call with Israelian Prime Minister. Biden voiced his support for a ceasefire and discussed American engagement with Egypt and other allies towards that end. Antony Blinken, the American Secretary of State, held five calls on Sunday with the foreign ministers of Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and France during a flight to Copenhagen.

Qatar and Egypt’s efforts to broker a ceasefire delayed over two points, a senior leader of Hamas with direct knowledge of negotiation efforts told CNN on Sunday. One tentative block is the persistence of Israel that Hamas must initiate the truce, at least 3 hours before Israel, at a point which Israel would follow. On the other side, Hamas completely rejected this proposal, the Hamas leader stated.

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