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Ivanka Trump Testifies Before Capitol Riot Committee

Ivanka Trump and one of the senior advisers of Donald Trump testified Tuesday before the 2020 Capitol Riot Investigative Committee

Ivanka Trump Testifies Before Capitol Riot Investigative Committee

On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former U.S. President Donald Trump, testified before the Capitol Riot Committee for around eight hours. The United States House of Representatives Committee is probing January 6, 2021, siege on the United States Capitol. Moreover, the Democratic chairman of the panel, Rep. Bennie Thompson, told reporters that Ivanka is answering questions in a talkative term.

A source having knowledge of the testimony told Reuters that her testimony started Tuesday morning and ended about 06:00 pm, around eight hours later. She gave testimony virtually some days after her husband Jared Kushner, another former senior adviser at the White House, testified remotely before the January 6 Committee.

The committee of nine members probing the attack, seven Democrats and two GOP lawmakers, intrigued by Ivanka’s role that she played at the White House as Donald Trump made last-minute requests to Mike Pence, then-Vice President, in an effort to block representatives from certifying the 2020 Presidential win of Democratic President Joe Biden.

After hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, he was broadly reportedly rejected pleas from his advisors, including two from Ivanka Trump, to stop the rioters. So instead, the former Republican President continues to spread the false conspiracy theories that Biden lost the election. Bennie Thompson, the committee chairman, called Kushner’s testimony helpful and valuable.

More than 800 Witness Testified Before the Investigative Panel

Many key Donald Trump and Mike Pence aides are among over a hundred witnesses who testified before the investigative committee. However, other aides refused to testify before the panel, forcing the committee to pursue contempt of Congress against them. In addition, over seventy hundred and seventy-five demonstrators faced charges of various criminal offenses in the Capitol riot ranging from minor encroaching allegations to charges that they attacked any police officers injured during the incident.

Ivanka Trump Testifies Before Capitol Riot Committee
Ivanka Trump Testifies Before Capitol Riot Investigative Committee
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The Select Committee to Know About Former President’s Role

During Ivanka’s testimony, Thompson said that the committee wanted to know about Trump’s efforts to pressure the then-Vice President to block congressional certification of election results in major states where Joe Biden edged Donald Trump in the popular vote and thus sued those states’ all electoral votes. In a letter to Ivanka Trump, Thompson wrote that in one of Trump’s discussions with Pence on the phone on January 6th morning, you were present in the Oval Office and witnessed at least one side of that telephonic conversation.

In addition, the committee wanted to learn about Ivanka’s efforts to get President Trump to abandon rioters after they attacked the Capitol. At a previous rally near the White House that day, Trump urged supporters to go to the Capitol and spread violence to revoke Biden’s 2020 Election victory. Several of his supporters smashed doors and windows, fought with police officers, and looted offices. Over two hundred people pleaded guilty or faced conviction of criminal charges.

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