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January 6 House Committee Asks Interview with Ivanka Trump

The January 6 House Committee is demanding Ivanka Trump to willingly cooperate with the committee for an in-person interview

January 6 House-select Committee Asks Ivanka Trump for Interview

The House-select Committee probing the United States Capitol riot is demanding Ivanka Trump to voluntarily cooperate with the Committee as lawmakers make their first public effort to organize an interview with former President Donald Trump’s family member. Furthermore, the Committee sent an official letter Thursday requesting a meeting in February with the daughter of the former Republican President, the former White House adviser to her father.

In the letter, the Committee chairperson Representative Bennie Thompson said that Ivanka was in direct contact with the then-president during crucial moments on January 6 insurrection last year, when the Republican president’s supporters attacked the Capitol to stop the congressional certification of the presidential win of Democratic Joe Biden.

In addition, the riot followed a rally near the White House where Trump urged his supporters to fight like hell Congress organized to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. The Committee says that it wants to talk about what Ivanka Trump knew about the efforts of her father, including a phone call they say she witnessed, to pressurize Mike Pence, the former Vice President to refuse those results, along with concerns she might hear from the staff members of Pence, the White House counsel’s office and members of Congress.

White House Staff Requested Ivanka Assistance

Ivanka Trump’s spokesman said that former adviser to Trump just learned that the January 6 Committee issued a public letter asking her to testify before the Committee. The Congressional Committee already knows that Trump’s daughter didn’t speak at the January 6 rally. Moreover, the Committee mentioned testimony that Ivanka pushed her father to suppress the insurgence by his supporters. Investigators wanted to inquire about her actions while the insurgency was in progress.

The Committee chairperson wrote that the testimony reveals that White House staff members requested Ivanka support on several occasions to intervene in an effort to convince former President Trump to handle the underway chaos and violence on the U.S. Capitol Hill. Additionally, the letter is the first attempt of the Committee to ask for details from inside the former president’s family. Previously, the investigators issued summons to the lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Trump’s legal team, other members who filed meritless court challenges to the presidential election that drove the lie that democrats stole the elections from Trump.

January 6 House Committee Asks Interview with Ivanka Trump
January 6 House Committee Asks Interview with Ivanka Trump
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The Constitution of the country makes clear that the role of a U.S. vice president is mainly ceremonial in the certification process, and former Vice President Mike Pence stated the congressional session that outlined his decision that a vice president couldn’t claim the autonomous authority to reject the electoral votes of the states. The letter to Trump’s daughter said she was present in the Oval Office and witnessed at least one side of that phone talk. So, the Committee wants to discuss the part of that conversation she observed between the then-president and vice president.

U.S. Supreme Court Allowed Access of January 6 Committee to Trump Documents

The House-select Committee gained victory when the United States Supreme Court allowed it access to the Trump documents, which the former president tried to block the release of White House records. So, the National Archives instantly handed over the hundreds of documents to the nine-member Committee. Those records include speech drafts, presidential diaries, handwritten notes, and visitor logs dealing with January 6 from the files of Meadows.

The investigation of the Committee touched almost every corner of the orbit of the former president in the approximately seven months since it was established, from strategist Steve Bannon to social media platforms such as Meta, Reddit, and Twitter. According to the Committee, it interviewed around four hundred people and issued several subpoenas as it organizes a report set for release before the 2020 elections. So far, the Committee has collected about thirty-five thousand pages of records, including phone records, emails, text messages from people close to the former president.

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