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Jill Biden Visits Ukraine as the US Reveals New Sanctions

The President of the US, Joe Biden, has announced new sanctions on Russia as US First Lady Jill Biden meets with Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska

US First Lady Visits Ukraine as Biden Government Reveals New Sanctions

Jill Biden, the United States First Lady, met Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska in Ukraine on her surprise visit as Washington announced further sanctions on Russia. First ladies met at a school in Uzhhorod. Since the Russian attack on Ukraine, it was the first appearance of Mrs. Zelenska.

In response to the Russian aggression, the United States slapped new sanctions on Moscow, including visa curbs on Twenty-six hundred Russians and Belarusians. Washington also sanctioned three Russian Television channels and executives from Gazprombank. Furthermore, G-7 leaders said they pledged to ban or phase out Russian oil.

During the short meeting, Jill Biden said that it had been a courageous act to visit a country while it was at war. Further, she added that the visit was very symbolic as it was done on Mother’s Day in Ukraine and the United States. Later, both ladies sat down and played with some of the dozens of kids and made tissue bears. In a tweet, Jill Biden thanked her Ukrainian counterpart for her time full of hope and compassion.

The United States Latest Sanctions on Moscow

New sanctions were announced after a video conference of G-7 leaders with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Moreover, a senior United States official said the recent Pentagon sanctions would hit twenty-seven Gazprombank executives. But the new sanctions don’t freeze the assets of the firm or outlaw transactions with it. Moreover, it is not clear who is on the list of twenty-six hundred individuals to be slapped with visa restrictions.

Jill Biden Visits Ukraine as the US Reveals New Sanctions
Jill Biden Visits Ukraine to meet Ukrainian First Lady as the US Reveals New Sanctions
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In addition, the United States announcement came at the day end of the diplomatic events, which included visits to Kyiv by the speaker of the German Bundestag, Jill Biden, and the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Additionally, Trudeau announced that Canada was sending new equipment and weapons for the Ukrainian army and slapping its own range of recent sanctions on Russian companies and individuals.

The United Kingdom also announced another round of sanctions on Belarus and Russia, targeting $2.1 billion of trade. On the other hand, the European Union concludes the 6th round of sanctions on Moscow, including a phased ban on Russian oil. Diplomats added that Hungary was still blocking progress on concluding the measures. The latest United States and Canadian sanctions were announced at the Victory Day event in Moscow.

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