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Joe Biden called Russian President a Killer

Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a Killer

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, called Russian President Vladimir Putin a killer during an interview with George Stephanopoulos, the host of ABC News. His questions follow a federal probe into Russian-backed cyber-attacks and an intelligence report connecting the Kremlin to election-related online meddling that promoted U.S. former President Donald Trump and right-wing conspiracy theories in an effort to discredit Biden.

The president replied, yes, he does when asked in a pre-taped interview whether he believes Putin is a killer. Moreover, the interview aired on Wednesday/ Biden expressed that the Russian President will shortly pay the price of his misconduct. On Tuesday, a report released from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence evaluated that the Russian government (especially Putin) sought to interfere with the results of the 2020 Presidential Election with a widespread online and social media influence campaign similar to an operation from 2016.

The published report also revealed that a network of Ukraine-linked people connected to Russian intelligence relied on prominent American individuals and media channels to launder their narratives claiming corrupt ties among Biden family members with Ukraine. According to the report, that 2020 deceptive campaign intended to condescending Joe Biden’s candidacy and his Democratic Party, supporting Trump, discouraging public confidence in the electoral process, and worsening sociopolitical division in the United States.

Joe Biden called Russian President a Killer
Joe Biden called Russian President a Killer
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Biden’s Interview also covered Immigrants and other Issue at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Biden’s interview with ABC News as he conceals his fiftieth day in the office also covered issues such as immigration, the arrival of a huge number of unaccompanied young children at the America-Mexico border, the politicization of coronavirus vaccination efforts, his views on the Senate filibuster, the fate of relations with Saudi Arabia and calls among Democratic leaders for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign.

With an extensive judicial agenda on voting rights, criminal justice, immigration, and tax increases for the wealthy – all of which face heavy opposition from Republic senators – Biden said for the first time that he would support changing the filibuster rule of the chamber as Congress nears the point where the country’s democracy is having a tough time functioning.

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