Home Updates Joe Biden Government Allowed 61000 illegal Migrants into US

Joe Biden Government Allowed 61000 illegal Migrants into US

Over sixty-one thousand illegal immigrants entered the United States through the southern border of the country since Democratic President Joe Biden took the oath of the designation, according to the statistics of the government. Furthermore, the Border Patrol statistics state that around 61,312 illegal migrants allowed to walk out of the stations of the Department of Homeland Security in three months from February to April.

The number is up from the only eighteen people who were allowed to go during the last month of the former Republican President Donald Trump in office. Meanwhile, the number of families approaching the border was one-tenth of the present number, according to the figures of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. However, usually, more people try to enter the American border in the spring months than they do in winter or summer.

The above numbers don’t include data for the unaccompanied children entering the U.S. border after approval from the Department of Health & Human Services. Henry Cuellar, the Democratic representative of Texas, said that at the moment, the border administration is dealing with the overwhelmed migrants and do not have enough time to issue immigrants legal documents regarding when and where to go court.

Coronavirus Pandemic and Overwhelmed Immigrants

The Biden government claims that it is still following a COVID-19-related health direction to refuse immigrant families who make it across the border. Statistics from the American federal migration officials who catch and detain illegal migrants, the Border Patrol and Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), stated that instead of being dismissed, many immigrants are shifted to regional Border Patrol stations, where they registered into the system.

Cuellar said that headquarters in Washington approved they were using prosecutorial option to release tens of thousands of immigrants on their own recognizance. Moreover, agents are giving legal documents to immigrants that oblige them to contact the local office of ICE (Enforcement & Removal Operations) once they arrive at their final destination. Further, he adds that it is only an honor system, admission, and release document, not a notice to appear before the court.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, the Border Patrol arrested the adults and families encountered at the U.S. border and then took them to a station and processed them. In addition, the families would proceed from the Border Patrol to ICE, which officially could hold them at family residential camps up to twenty days before it would release them. The huge accumulation in the migration courts made seeing a judge in that twenty-day period impossible, convincing ICE authorities to release most immigrant families directly into the United States, where they can travel and live wherever they desire.

Joe Biden Government Allowed 61000 illegal Migrants into US
Joe Biden Government Allowed 61000 illegal Migrants into US
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Government Give Notices to Immigrant Families of When to Appear in Court

However, the authorities gave notices to those families of when to appear before the court and the tracking of the government. In 2019, a massive surge of migrant families from Central America to the United States-Mexico border put Border Patrol in a similar challenging situation. The government again released the families but tracked them. On the other side, the significant change at present is that the Border Patrol directly releases the families instead sent them to ICE, which would release them.

Likewise, ICE is also doing its own releases and holding migrants in hotels for a short duration instead of putting them in existing facilities. Border Patrol wouldn’t explain how many notices they gave of the sixty thousand to appear in court versus immigrants who discharged without any follow-up procedures in place. ICE couldn’t release the Washington Examiner statistics for its total number of released people into the United States since 1st February.

Since October 2020, the start of the fiscal year 2021, ICE released around twenty-thousand and four hundred people, while id didn’t give legal documents requiring them to appear before the court. The number is in addition to the sixty-one thousand releases by the Border Patrol police.

Furthermore, Cuellar adds that it is virtually not possible for the administration to track the tens of thousands of migrants whom it has let go. Federal law enforcement workers must enter the name of every individual person to determine if he/she checked in with ICE after release. It is impossible to track people who don’t check-in.

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