Home Updates Joe Biden targets Trump’s policies with first-day executive moves

Joe Biden targets Trump’s policies with first-day executive moves

Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, finalized seventeen executive actions just a few hours after his inauguration on Wednesday, moving aggressively and faster to slap Trump’s legacy than any other modern president. The president is signing a bundle of executive orders as his initial step to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, and reverse some of the signature policies of the former president.

Biden told reporters in the Oval Office while signing a stack of orders and memoranda that he will start by keeping the promises he made to the nation during his campaign. Biden stopped funding for the construction of Trump’s border wall, embraced liberal policies on environment and diversity, and overturned his travel ban targeting mainly Muslim countries that Trump spent four years blocking.

The president also reversed many attempts of the former president to withdraw America from international agreements, bringing the process of halting U.S. departure from the WHO and rejoining the Paris climate agreement. However, Dr Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the country, will lead the United States delegation.

Biden imposes a mask mandate on federal property, an overhead approach to deal with the pandemic from the former president, who reportedly downplayed the coronavirus. The president also installed a COVID-19 response coordinator to direct the White House’s efforts to distribute medical supplies and vaccines. Biden top officials and press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters at his inauguration ceremony that the first-day actions reflect the series of moves to reverse Trump’s legacy and implement campaign promises of Trump in his first weeks in office.

Buy American Theme

According to a draft of calendar documentation sent to administration aids, which CNN shared, Biden plans to follow Inauguration Day by focusing every day of January on a specific theme. The first day of Biden on office focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, Friday will highlight Biden’s push for economic relief, including executive orders restoring federal employees’ collective bargaining rights and administrating agency action on care net programs, including unemployment and Medicaid insurance.

The next week themes will be Buy American, with a Monday executive order moaning up requirements for purchases of services and goods from United States companies; equity on Tuesday, tied with a push to remove private prisons; climate on Wednesday with an executive order starting directing actions regenerating the Council of Advisors on Science & Technology of the President and overcome climate change; Likewise, health care on Thursday, a day on which Biden will withdraw the Mexico City Policy delaying federal funding for non-governmental firms that provide abortion services; and immigration issues on Friday, when the president plans to sign executive orders focused on refugee policies and border processing and create a family reunion task force.

Besides, Biden will focus February on restoring the supremacy of America in the world.

Joe Biden targets Trump’s policies with first-day executive moves
Joe Biden targets Trump’s policies with first-day executive moves
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17 Executive Actions of Joe Biden on Day One

  1. Biden launches a hundred days masking challenge and asking his public to wear masks in federal buildings and on federal lands for almost a hundred days.
  2. The president stops the withdrawal of the United States from WHO and reappoints Dr. Anthony Fauci as the head of the designation to the World Health Organization.
  3. Establishes coronavirus Response Coordinator position, reporting straight to Biden and supervising efforts to produce and distribute medical equipment and vaccines.
  4. Rejoins the Paris climate agreement, a process that will take about thirty days.
  5. Stops the Keystone XL pipeline and asks agencies to review and undo over hundred Trump actions on the environment.
  6. Bidens extends the current countrywide delay on foreclosures and evictions until at least 31st March.
  7. Further extends the previous pause on student loan payments & interest for Americans with federal government loans until 30th September.
  8. Order to stops workplace discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.
  9. Withdraws the 1776 Commission of Trump administration, administrates agencies to review their actions to warrant racial equity.
  10. It needs non-citizens to included in the Census and distribution of congressional policymakers.
  11. Reverse the restrictions of the Trump administration on American entry for seven Muslim-majority nations’ passport holders.
  12. Stops construction of the border wall by terminating its fund.
  13. Reverse expansion of immigration enforcement of Trump within the country.
  14. Strengthens Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals after Trump’s efforts to reverse protections for unregistered people brought into the nation as children.
  15. He fortifies delays of deportation & work approval for Liberians in America until 30th June 2022.
  16. Requires executive branch appointments to sign pledge stopping him from acting in personal interest.
  17. Orders Office of Management and Budget director to make recommendations to update the regulatory.