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Joe Biden: Trump can win because of “how he plays”

Biden says Trump can win
Democrat Presidential Nominee Joe Biden

Democratic Presidential challenger Joe Biden says Trump can earn a victory in 2020 elections because not accepting the final outcome is his way of playing.

“I’m one of those folks, or competitors, it’s not over till the bell rings. And I feel superstitious when I predict anything other than going to be a hard fight,” Biden was talking in CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday when asked whether Trump could still defeat him. “We feel good about where we are. But, you know, I don’t underestimate how he plays.”

Biden’s Interview with 60 Minutes

The former accused Republican of “trying to sort of delegitimize the election,” and making it controversial but added that those efforts are “all I think designed to make people wonder whether or not they should, whether it’s worth going to vote. Just the intimidation factor.”

Trump has long doubted and raised concerns over the postal ballots, repeatedly making contradictory statements about how the mail-ballots work and their legitimacy.

“What really has pleased me is the overwhelming turnout in the states that have early voting,” Biden said.

Biden’s comments came after the opinion poll show him leading nationally in almost every swing state though with narrow margins. Considering his edge over the Republican, Biden’s camp has added a campaign trail visit to Georgia on Tuesday and another to Texas on Friday for his running mate, Senator Kamal Harris. The former Obama deputy does not need either state to cross the 270-vote benchmark but a bide by his campaign could help down-ballot Democrats in Hose, Senate and state legislative runs.

“I hope there’s going to be a lot of people who vote for me because of who I am,” Biden said. “But I think the contrast between Donald Trump and me is about as stark as it can get in terms of our value set and how we view the world.”

Biden on a hot seat in 60 Minutes interview also defended policy proposals slammed by Trump administration and Republicans in a bid to depict him as too liberal.

The Democratic nominee has earlier suggested that those earning more than USD400,000 pe year and corporations should face an increase in income taxes. But maintained that none making less than USD400,000 should pay a penny more under his proposal.

Biden takes a jab on Trump
Joe Biden and Trump will battle in November elections for WH

“That’s a guarantee, a promise,” he said. “I give you my word as a Biden. That’s an absolute guarantee.”

Speaking at the interview, the Democrat said he is not hesitant to increase taxes on riches even with the shattering economic outlook of the country amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

“Depending who you’re raising them on,” he said. “Look, if you’re raising them on somebody who’s making $1 billion a year, it’s not a problem that they pay 39.6%, which everybody should pay, raise another $90 billion.”

When asked about GOP’s President and Republicans’ about the efforts of his opponents to portray him as a tool of his party’s more progressive establishment, led by two Democratic rivals in Primaries i.e. Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren as well as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Biden responded to Norah O’Donnell:

“He’d love to run against them, wouldn’t he?” Biden said. “Mr. President, you’re running against Joe Biden. Joe Biden has a deep, steep, and successful record over a long, long time.”