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Joe Biden Warns of Coronavirus Variant’s Threats

Biden didn’t mention his goal of getting 70% of adults partially vaccinated by 4th July but proclaimed 300 million shots milestone in his first 150 days

Speaking at the White House, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, didn’t mention his goal of getting seventy percent of adults partially vaccinated against the coronavirus by 4th July but proclaimed a different milestone: three hundred million shots in his initial one hundred and fifty days in office. The president stepped up his move for the American nationals to receive their shots and warned those who denied the risk of becoming infected by a possibly deadly and highly contagious variant.

During his afternoon appearance at the White House, Biden hailed the success of the vaccination campaign, and he sounded a somber message about the worrying Delta variant, which is spreading in the U.S. states with low rates of vaccination. He declared that the best way to protect yourself against these deadly variants of the virus is to take vaccination shots. Furthermore, the president’s remarks came as his government starts a final push to reach the 4th July goal over the next fifteen days.

Biden Tried to Portray the Coronavirus as in Retreat

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the U.S., and Xavier Becerra, the health & human services secretary, are trying to foster a passion for the vaccine. Harris approached Atlanta to note that below the half population of Fulton County had received at least one shot. Holding the office in January, Biden faced a fear of dark winter ahead because at that time, deaths were near peak levels and vaccinations were hardly in progress. Moreover, the president generally tried to portray the COOVID-19 as a retreat as he completes six months in office.

Joe Biden Warns of Coronavirus Variant’s Threats
Joe Biden Warns of Coronavirus Variant’s Threats
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America is Entering a Summer of Joy and Freedom

The White House distributed a fact sheet in advance of the remarks of Friday noted that in fifteen states and also the District of Columbia, seventy percent of adults or more received at least one shot of vaccination. Additionally, the document proclaimed that the results are clear as America is starting to enter a summer of joy & freedom is looking like America again. However, the rates of infection, and vaccination, are rough across the country.

According to last month’s poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, twenty percent of American adults still denied taking the vaccine or said to receive it when required. State health officials are trying to encourage the hesitant. Over a third of the population in West Virginia received full vaccination. Dr. Clay Marsh, the Virginia coronavirus czar, said that young people are demonstrating especially tough to win over.

In Louisiana, only thirty-four percent of the population received full vaccination, and only thirty-seven percent have at least received a single dose of the vaccination. Furthermore, the state officials announced a new lottery on Thursday for the state residents who had received one shot of the coronavirus vaccine, with a grand prize of $1 million. Whereas in Wyoming, the vaccination rates are nearly similar to Louisiana. A health department spokeswoman of the state said that politicization is a main concern as officials intend to increase the inoculation rate.

California and New York lifted all Pandemic Restrictions

Kamala Harris warned while speaking to the students at a vaccination mobilization event at Clark Atlanta University in Georgia about the dangers of misinformation, and she highlighted the decision to receive vaccination as a way to take power back from the coronavirus. In early May, Biden set the 4th July goal in the United States. At that time, the president said that it would demonstrate that country took a serious move toward a return to normal life.

This week, New York and California withdrew all coronavirus-related restrictions on social gatherings and businesses. According to the analysis of the New York Times, if the rate of adult vaccination in the United States continues on the 7-day average, the nation will fall just short of Biden’s seventy percent goal, with almost 67.6% of the adult population has had at least one dose by 4th July.

As of Friday, sixty-five percent of American adults received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, the number of American nationals getting their first dose has been dropping gradually, to almost two lac per day from five lac per day, since Biden announced that June 2021 would be a month of action to reach his goal.

Biden Continually Set Relatively Modest Targets

The chief medical officer of the Association of State & Territorial Health officials, Dr. Marcus Plescia, said that he doesn’t see an interference that could really evoke an extraordinary rise in demand to get the numbers that they perhaps need to get seventy percent. On the other hand, experts say that from a disease control perspective, the difference between sixty-seven percent to seventy percent is unimportant.

However, from a political viewpoint, it would be the first time Biden set a COVID-19 related goal that still he didn’t meet. The president continually set comparatively uncertain targets for himself and his administration and exceeded them, including his initiative to get a hundred million vaccination shots in Americans’ arms by his hundredth day in office. Biden also vowed a national canvassing effort approaching a get-out-the-vote drive.

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