Home Updates Let’s Go Brandon, Anti-Biden Rap Song reached No 1 on iTunes

Let’s Go Brandon, Anti-Biden Rap Song reached No 1 on iTunes

Anti-Biden rap song Let’s Go Brandon by 'MAGA rapper' Loza Alexander reached the top of iTunes hip-hop charts

Let’s Go Brandon, Anti-US President Rap Song reached No 1 on iTunes

On Monday, the anti-Biden rap song, ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is taking over iTunes, with the song of rapper Bryson Gray reaching the number one spot of the music service’s chart, ranked ahead of the latest single of pop music superstar Adele. Let’s Go, Brandon, which takes many shots of the president regarding his messy pull out from Afghanistan, intellectual ability, and handling of the COVID-19, features Chandler Crump and Tyson James.

The music video of Let’s Go Brandon features the rapper in a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and wearing an ‘Impeach Biden’ t-shirt as lyrics like as Let’s go, Brandon when you ask questions, they began banning. Gray says in the hit song, ‘look at Australia that is what coming if they do not stand up, stop obeying them taking the rights it is time to man up.’

NASCAR Xfinity Series Race

Moreover, the three-word chant became an internet sensation after a reporter of NBC News incorrectly reported at a NASCAR Xfinity Series race that his fans in the stands were shouting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ following a victory by driver Brandon Brown, when they were chanting, ‘F-K Joe Biden.’ Comments, jokes, and memes instantly started to spread all over the social media platforms that were mocking the NBC interview coverage.

Since then, the ‘F-K Joe Biden!’ chants have become famous at large events of sports countrywide as the poll numbers of the president slumped due to inflation, coronavirus vaccine handling, and other issues, and now replaced in some events with ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chants.

Let’s Go Brandon, Anti-Biden Rap Song reached No 1 on iTunes
Let’s Go, Brandon, Anti-Biden Rap Song reached No 1 on iTunes
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Texas Governor Tweeted Let’s Go, Brandon

Dave Rubin, the political commentator, tweeted Let’s Go, Brandon,’ and shared a story on the supply chain crisis. Texas Governor Greg Abbot also tweeted ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and blamed president Biden and his government for the inflation flow that increased prices in the United States. In addition, he called it a massive tax hike on specific Americans with fixed incomes.

Moreover, on Monday, another song from Loza Alexander titled Let’s Go Brandon was on number three on iTunes, as the anti-Biden chant produced two other songs that at present are both more famous than anything in the music service of Apple such as iTunes has to offer with the exception of Number two, Adele’s ‘Easy on Me.”

Donald Trump Jr. credited the critical protest on everything from the U.S. president’s chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan to the new coronavirus vaccine rules and mounting inflation as the economy of the country recovers from coronavirus shutdowns.

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