Home Updates Lloyd Austin Announces Ironclad US Commitment to Israel

Lloyd Austin Announces Ironclad US Commitment to Israel

Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary Announces Ironclad US Commitment to Israel

On Sunday, Lloyd Austin, the United States Defense Secretary declared an ironclad and continuous American support and commitment to Israel, strengthening support at a tense time in Israeli politics and due to the questions about the efforts of the Biden government to restart nuclear talks with Iran. Austin’s dialogs come as America seeks to Leverage Middle East development made by the Donald Trump administration, which brokered a pact normalizing relations between some Arab states and Israel.

After meeting with Gantz in Tel Aviv, Austin announced that he indorsed the U.S. commitment to Israel and referred to it as ironclad and enduring. He didn’t mention Iran, the archenemy of Israel. On the other side, Gantz remarked that his country views America as a solid partner against threats. Furthermore, Gantz stated that today’s Iran presents a strategic risk to international security, the state of Israel, and the overall Middle East.

He assured to work together with American allies to ensure that any new deal with Iran will protect the main interests of the U.S., the world and prevent a dangerous arms race in the region. A senior fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, Yoel Guzansky says that the visit of Austin is very crucial because it is the primary visit by Joe Biden’s cabinet member. They showed intentions of their willingness to listen and to listen to Israel’s concerns and maybe concerns of other partners about the dialogs about Iran.

The Key Backdrop of Austin’s Visit

The main aim of Austin’s visit is the concerns of the Israeli government about the Biden government’s efforts to exercise an arrangement to go back into the Iran 2015 nuclear accord, which in Israel’s opinion is seriously faulty. Netanyahu described Iran as a factual threat to his country because of Iran’s so-called chase of nuclear weapons and its support for militant fighting groups such as Hezbollah.

He is leading a country having its own secret nuclear weapons program but accused Iran of acquiring nuclear weapons to use them in its ballistic missiles. Whereas Iran called its nuclear program a peaceful activity for its defense. Moreover, Netanyahu usually criticizes the Iran nuclear agreement, which, if followed, strictly restricts Iran’s ability to enrich uranium and stockpile it, as well as restricting it from using in a weapon.

Last week, the Israelian Prime Minister said that from history they came to know that deals like this with extremist regimes are worth nothing. Iron Dome is one of the most notorious successes in Israel’s missile defense history. The mobile anti-rocket system established to catch short-range unguided rockets. Moreover, the Some shot down over two thousand projectiles fired from the Gaza Strip since its deployment almost ten years ago.

Lloyd Austin Announces Ironclad US Commitment to Israel
Lloyd Austin Announces Ironclad US Commitment to Israel
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At the request of Congress to counter cruise missiles, the United States Army recently acquired two Iron Dome batteries. Israel has questions about American intentions in shifting military priorities away from the Middle East countries to emphasize more intensively on Russia and China as a noteworthy threat to American security. Israel has major concerns about Iran and support groups in the U.S.

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