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MAGA Forces Threaten US Democracy – President Biden

President Biden branded Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans as extremists who threaten the very foundations of our republic

Republican MAGA Forces Threaten US Democracy – Joe Biden

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, said that former President Donald Trump’s supporters’ MAGA agenda is a threat to the country’s democracy. In a primetime speech in Pennsylvania, he said, “MAGA forces are determined to take the country backward.” McCarthy fired back, saying Biden had hurt America deeply.

Those speeches come two months before the midterm elections, determining Washington’s power balance. During his address Thursday night, the Democratic president delivered the Declaration of Independence’s opening remarks from Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Instead, he chose to focus his 2020 presidential campaign on restoring the “soul” of the nation.

During his speech Thursday night in Independence Hall, where the United States Declaration of Independence was signed, the Democratic president emphasized the importance of protecting freedom. As part of his 2020 campaign theme, he talked about restoring the “soul of America.” He said he was not denouncing all seventy-four million Americans who voted for Trump in 2020. Despite what he said, not all Republicans, or even a majority of Republicans, could be called MAGA Republicans.

Biden Called the U.S. Capitol Mob Patriot

Biden continued that there is no doubt that Trump and the MAGA Republicans dominate, drive, and intimidate the GOP today, which is a threat to the nation. But, rather than viewing the mob who stormed the U.S. Capitol last year as insurrectionists, the president labeled them patriots. Biden added that the only way to protect American democracy is to stand up for it. Each American must defend, protect, and stand up for it. For much too long, he believed that American democracy was guaranteed. But it’s not.

GOP Leaders Calls for President’s Apology

Shortly before the event, McCarthy spoke from the president’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The Republican minority leader in the United States House of Representatives stated that the Congressman from California lamented that Biden “has chosen to divide, disgrace, and criticize his fellow citizens.” He said Biden should apologize for labeling millions of Americans as fascists.

MAGA Forces Threaten US Democracy – President Biden
MAGA Forces Threaten US Democracy – President Biden
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Top Republican says Biden’s presidency burdened the country with soaring inflation, prolonged school closings that harmed children’s education, open borders, “incompetent” U.S. forces withdrawing from Afghanistan, and the deadliest crime wave in the last two decades. “Joe Biden has attacked the soul, the laws, and the most sacred values of America in the past two years,” he said. His policies have severely wounded America’s soul, diminished the spirit, and betrayed Americans’ trust.”

Also citing election workers, poll workers, and FBI agents who have been threatened due to Trump’s rhetoric, Biden condemned the use of violence as a method of intimidating political opponents. Former president Trump has been engaging in a legal battle with the FBI to get back the recently classified documents he brought to his Florida residence.

Most Americans are Concerned About Democracy

As he has before, Biden also indirectly referred to Senator Lindsey Graham’s recent remarks that there will be riots in the streets if the former Republican president is criminally charged for taking the records or blocking justice. Polls demonstrate that most Americans are concerned about democracy – a surprising development, as economic concerns usually dominate voters’ concerns.

Several Republican candidates embrace Trump’s false claim that the 2020 election was stolen, making democracy a top issue for the midterms. This week’s Quinnipiac University poll revealed that by a 67% to 20% margin, U.S. nationals think American democracy is in danger of downfall – a 9-point gain from the first month when it was 58% to 37%.

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