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Morocco and Israel agreed to normalize relations

Morocco becomes the fourth nation in the African and Middle East region to agree to start full diplomatic relations with Israel, an 11th-hour foreign policy achievement for the lame-duck president Trump administration as it aims to bolster regional supporter for Israel as a counteraction to the aggression of Iranian government.

As part of the agreement, the United States announced that it recognizes the sovereignty of Morocco over the whole Western Sahara territory, a big win for the government of Morocco but one that overlooks a long-lasting declaration of independence from the local Sahrawi population, which also blames Rabat of biased persecution and treatment.

On Twitter, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, tweeted on Thursday that another historic breakthrough achieved today. Two great friends of America, Israel and Morocco, agreed to develop full diplomatic relations – a big breakthrough for peace in the Middle East. Moreover, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the historic peace deal between Morocco and Israel. Whereas, he praised Trump extraordinary efforts to bring peace to the region.

Netanyahu signalled about opening embassies and direct flights between two countries

The Israeli Prime Minister also thanked Morocco’s King for taking the historic decision to bring peace between them. Furthermore, Netanyahu said connection offices of Israel and Morocco would reopen as early as possible after opening embassies and full diplomatic relations, along with direct flights between the countries. Once Morocco was home to one of the biggest Jewish populations in North Africa and the Middle East, much of which filed to Europe and the United States after Israel declared independence in 1948.

The independence declaration of Israel left several Jews in Arab nations fearful for their safety. This step may encourage several Jewish Moroccans to visit their homeland as it now embraces Israel. The recent move follows announcements by the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, deals mainly brokered by the senior adviser of the President and son-in-law Kushner and a squad of negotiators.

Kushner pointed to the strong United States-Morocco ties while talking to reporters as the main reason for accepting their sovereignty in Western Sahara, calling it recognizes the inevitable. Kushner further stated today they announced that the United States would recognize the sovereignty of Morocco in Western Sahara. It is something that has been talked about for a long period, but something that looked unavoidable.

Morocco and Israel agreed to normalize relations
Morocco and Israel agreed to normalize relations
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Trump Administration made efforts to make a good relationship between Israel and Arab countries

Kushner efforts to develop ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel so far fallen short, while Kushner, on a recent tour secure the deal to allow commercial flights of Israel to use Saudi Arabian airspace. The effort comes as the administration of Trump seems to create a block of harmony between Israel and many Arab countries aiming to counter Iranian aggression in the region.

Whereas, the White House highlights the agreement as peace plans, of the four countries, only Sudan involved in low-level issues with Israel. A decision by the EU parliament to withdraw a $46 million agreement in 2011 to allow trawlers from European Countries to fish in Moroccan waters provoked the kingdom to ban all European fishing boats from its shores instantly.

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