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Moscow Accuses Kyiv of Killing Darya Dugina

Russian officials blamed the special services of Ukraine for executing a car blast that killed 29-year-old Darya Dugina, the daughter of an influential Russian ultra-nationalist

Moscow Accuses Kyiv's Special Services of Killing Darya Dugina

Russian officials accused Kyiv’s special services of attacking and killing Darya Dugina in a car blast. Dugina was the daughter of Alexander Dugin, an influential Russian ultra-nationalist who supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In response, Ukrainian officials denied involvement in the attack. Mykhailo Podolyak, the Ukrainian presidential adviser, called the Russian accusation propaganda.

Authorities said that 29-year-old Dugina, the commentator with a nationalist Russian television, died on Saturday in a blast when a remote-control explosive device was planted in her vehicle. She was driving on the outskirts of the Russian capital. According to the Russian media, her father, Dugin, switched cars with his daughter at the 11th hour before leaving for home from an event.

Moreover, Dugin backed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. He is a writer, philosopher, and political theorist believed to be the target of the attack. In a Monday statement, the Russian Federal Security Service stated that Ukrainian special services prepared and committed the crime. The FSB further said that Natalya Vovk, a Ukrainian citizen, executed the attack, and then he fled to Estonia.

Ukraine Dismissed the FSB Claims

In response to the bombing, the Ukrainian president’s adviser Podolyak denied any involvement by Ukraine. As part of ongoing infighting between the Russian security agencies, he dismissed the FSB claims as fiction in a tweet. In the meantime, the Azov battalion claimed that the woman never served in their unit and accused Russia of fabricating information.

Pavel Felgenhauer, a defense analyst with Al Jazeera, told the news network there are more questions than answers regarding the killing. This attack was specifically targeted against the daughter, not the father, according to the FSB. Everything seems a little strange to him. “It’s strange,” he said.

Moscow Accuses Kyiv of Killing Darya Dugina
Moscow Accuses Kyiv of Killing Darya Dugina
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A mother and daughter hit squad sent by a professional security service is a novelty, comparable to American SEALs or Israeli intelligence agents. Even though they got across the border, so far, the culprits have eluded capture, and that leaves a lot of unknowns.” Estonia’s interior ministry, police, and border guard service all issued separate statements saying they could only share information on people entering or leaving Estonia “in cases prescribed by law.” They claimed the FSB accusation failed to meet this requirement.

As a fierce supporter of Russian imperialism, Darya Dugina often urged viewers to agree with her father’s views on the nationalist television channel Tsargrad. Still, the general public knew little about her. Putin expressed condolences to Dugin and his wife and denounced the “cruel and treacherous” killing of Dugina. According to Putin, Dugina “honestly served the people and the Fatherland, demonstrating what a patriot of Russia is.”

One of Russia’s most prestigious medals, the Order of Courage, was awarded to Dugina posthumously. The killing of Dugina reflects Kyiv’s reliance on “terrorism as an instrument of its criminal ideology,” said Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharov. Dugin described his late daughter as a “rising star” whose life was “torturously and unfairly taken away.” “Our hearts long not only for revenge and retaliation. However, the response would be petty and not in the style of Russia,” Dugin wrote. There is only one thing we need: victory.

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